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  • Obama revisits the promises of 2008 in legacy-minded Berlin speech

    Olivier Knox and Marc Young at The Ticket1 yr ago

    BERLIN -- In 2008, some 200,000 people packed the streets near this city’s Victory Column and listened raptly to candidate Barack Obama promise to lead a different America on the chaotic global stage – one that would embrace action to fight climate change, shutter the Guantanamo Bay prison for suspected extremists, seek to eliminate the world’s nuclear weapons stockpiles and battle poverty.

    On Wednesday, some 6,000 invited guests filled part of the square on the East side of the city’s Brandenburg Gate to hear President Barack Obama…well, promise action to fight climate change, shutter Guantanamo Bay, work towards eliminating the world’s nuclear stockpiles, and battle poverty.

    I still have time to fulfill my promises, he seemed to be saying. The ones I haven't kept, they aren’t broken, just deferred.

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