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  • These March Madness Trick Frisbee Shots are Too Good to Believe

    Ralphie Aversa at Trending Now6 mths ago

    March Madness has arrived. Take a break from attempting to compile that perfect bracket to watch Brodie Smith make some trick shots on the basketball court with a Frisbee.

    In the trickster's latest YouTube video, he heads to Butler University's Hinkle Fieldhouse. What school embodies the craziness of the NCAA tournament more than Butler? In 2010, the Bulldogs became the smallest school to play in the national championship tournament since it was expanded to a field of 64. Butler lost that year to Duke. Then-head coach Brad Stevens led his team back to the finals against Connecticut in the following season, where they again fell short.

    The 10,000-seat venue was home to a Bulldog team that debuted in the Big East conference this year with a 14-17 record. It also served as a cool site for Smith to execute a bunch of ridiculous Frisbee throws.

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  • Boston Marathon Bombing Survivors Bond During Cruise

    Trending Now7 mths ago

    The Boston Marathon bombings happened over nine months ago, but new stories of strength and resilience are still emerging from the victims and their families. Dave Wedge and Casey Sherman have reported on a recent trip that many of those affected took to France and the bonds that were created through tragedy.

    In the piece, written for Esquire, Wedge and Sherman chronicle an all-expenses-paid trip that survivors and victims' families took through the wine country of France. First responders also joined the cruise, which Boston-based Vantage Deluxe World Travel organized. The same company had hosted a similar trip for wounded war veterans a few months before the bombings.

    Lu and Ling Jun were aboard the ms River Discovery II. Their daughter, Lingzi, was one of the three people killed in the explosions. The story depicts the parents' constant struggle with the loss of their child. During the cruise, they not only reflected on Lingzi's passing but also experienced seeing firsthand those wounded by the attacks that killed her.

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