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  • Lil Wayne on Family, Fame and Fans

    Samara Mackereth at Katie's Take 2 yrs ago

    Katie's Take

    Despite his millions of fans, his success and his love for performing live, there is an expiration date for Lil Wayne’s music.

    He plans to focus on his four children. In the meantime, Lil Wayne is the larger-than-life personality who has been rapping since he was 8, touring since he was 15, and who has topped Elvis Presley on the number of Billboard’s Hot 100 appearances.

    “I never set a goal,” he explained. “I just let it happen and I’m always looking for the next thing to surpass.”

    Born Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., his success belies an impoverished childhood in New Orleans. His father left the home and “his mother was mom and dad from day one.

    “I’m a man so I know explanations and excuses for why men leave,” said Lil Wayne. “If he reaches out to me, I would definitely not decline it. But I am so happy the way I am.”

    Despite his tough circumstances, he was a honors student in school. But music was his passion. While friends were playing hide-and-seek, Lil Wayne’s favorite game was pretending he was a contestant on “Star Search.”

    But these days, he’s busy with his music, his children and he just finished a 38-city tour: “I’m there only for the fans.

  • New Celeb Craze: Chalk it Up!

    Samara Mackereth at Katie's Take 2 yrs ago

    It's a surefire way to turn a few heads: neon streaks cascading down shoulders, bright pinks, blues and greens. It certainly isn't your mother's night-on-the-town style, but it's a trend teenagers and celebs have been taking to.

    It's hair chalk.

    From Christina Aguilera's ever-changing hairdos on "The Voice" to the million-plus view videos on YouTube teaching girls how to DIY chalk their hair, feathers are out and chalk is clearly in.

    We met up with Jessica Swanson, a hairstylist in New York. "Hair chalk has been around for about a year and a half now, but it's been a huge trend this summer." And why not? It's simple. Style hair, add chalk, then spray with hairspray. Done.

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  • The Surprising Health Risks of Skin Disorders

    Samara Mackereth at Katie's Take 2 yrs ago

    August is Psoriasis Awareness Month, meant to shed light on the skin condition that is said to affect 125 million people worldwide. For many sufferers of Psoriasis, and other similar diseases like Eczema or Seborrhea, there is a social stigma associated with their condition that may make them reluctant to discuss it. But staying silent about these common skin disorders could lead to more serious, even life-threatening conditions according to New York based Dermatologist Dr. Doris Day.

    While the visible symptoms are typically red, irritated skin due to the rapid turnover of skin cells, Dr. Day warns that this may be an indicator of much more.

    “People with psoriasis may have a higher risk of lymphoma,” says Day, “Psoriasis is a pro-inflammatory condition, it could also affect the vessels and the heart and can lead to an increase risk of heart disease and heart attack.”

    In addition to these severe risks, many sufferers also tend to see an increased risk of diabetes, hypertension and arthritis as reported by the National Psoriasis Foundation.

    “Eczema tends to be more of an allergy, a hypersensitivity of the skin,” said Dr. Day, “and typically kids outgrow it.”

  • Orgasm After Menopause?

    Samara Mackereth at Katie's Take 2 yrs ago

    Katie's Take

    It is said that things get better with age, but many wonder if that is true in the bedroom. We asked sex and relationship experts to find out if there is still hot sex after the hot flashes.

    As you age your body changes and, in some cases, so do your orgasms. Dr. Hilda Hutcherson explained that as the estrogen and testosterone levels go down with age, many women find that their orgasms may not be as intense as they were in their younger years.

    “(After menopause) it takes longer to experience orgasm, and when you have it, it is not that intense,” said Dr. Hutcherson

    But hope is not lost. Along with age, comes experience and some women find that they can enjoy their sex lives even more in their later years.

    “They are more confident in themselves as sexual beings, they know about the parts of their bodies, they know what works for them, they are able to focus on pleasure so for some menopausal women it can get better,” said Dr. Hutcherson.

    “So many male partners want to know,” said Watson. She recommends that women get enough courage to be open with their partners and spice it up in the bedroom.

  • Worst Foods to Eat When It’s Sweltering

    Samara Mackereth at Katie's Take 2 yrs ago

    Katie's Take

    If you are feeling the burn from the hot dog days of summer, altering your diet can help to keep you cool. Registered dietician Keri Glassman has tips for how you can beat the heat with what you eat.

    In the heat of the summer people prefer cold food and drinks like ice cream, iced coffee, or a cold beer. But Glassman says that when it comes to these foods, you should avoid the big chill.

    "You actually should not go for that iced coffee, because the caffeine in the coffee is what produces more serotonin which actually makes us hotter," Glassman explains. "Although it actually might feel good when you are holding that nice cold coffee, it is actually not great for your body."

    That cold beer will have the same effect. The alcohol will dehydrate you and the cold drink will actually increase your body temperature and make you feel more uncomfortable in the heat.

    And sadly, Glassman says, the same goes for the most famous of summertime treats: the ice cream cone. Along with the classic summertime barbeque fare of hamburgers and hot dogs, which are high sodium proteins, ice cream is high in fat and is harder for your body to digest.

  • Banish Those Bingo Wings

    Samara Mackereth at Katie's Take 2 yrs ago

    Katie's Take

    We are in the midst of summer, those lovely three months ayear that are filled with beach days and backyard barbecues. But if your winterarms didn’t get the memo that sundress and tank top season are in full swing,fear not – Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Tracy Anderson has the workout that willhelp you say bye-bye those flabby triceps otherwise known as “bingo wings.” Andit may be easier than you think.

     “You will see improvements to your arms faster than you willon other, more stubborn problem areas of your body,” says Anderson.

     But the key to achieving toned muscles may be by utilizingone specific, and unexpected, muscle – the brain.

     “We have over 600 muscles in our body,” Anderson explains.“Most forms of fitness can only get to 200. If we use our brain activity tofire the movements and we stay engaged, we can actually get to about 400 ofthese muscles.”

     “I like to do things where you are swinging (your arms) awayat various degrees and angles,” Anderson says. She also recommends usinglighter weights (or no weights at all), which allow you to do more complicatedmovements that dually simulate your brain and allow you to create evenly tonedarms.

  • Noise Between the Sheets: How Snoring can Affect Your Relationship

    Samara Mackereth at Katie's Take 2 yrs ago

    Katie's Take

    If you are like most Americans you probably wake up in the morning feeling like you didn’t really sleep at all. Perhaps you spent the night tossing and turning, fighting for space on the bed or struggling to tune out the distractions. One of those distractions might just be you. Snoring by both you and your partner may not only be keeping you up at night but it could also be contributing to problems with your health.

    David Jack, a wellness coach and contributing editor at Men’s Health Magazine, says that many couples that experience inadequate sleep as a result of one person’s snoring often find larger problems in the relationship. “[Sleep] is a root of wellness,” Jack says. “Good sleep is so important and there are so many people struggling with it to the point that it is affecting their daily life, but it is also affecting their relationship.”

    So how do you know if you partner’s or your own snoring is just a mild, rare disturbance or something more serious?

    If you aren’t quite ready to get the full work up, Jack describes various mechanical and positional therapies that can be used to help lessen or prevent snoring.

  • Digital Detox: Get Your Life Back!

    Samara Mackereth at Katie's Take 2 yrs ago

    Katie's Take

    Can you imagine a life without your devices? No Smartphone. A status update desert. A flightless Twitter bird. The thought alone may be terrifying. Author and Comedian Baratunde Thurston did it – and survived to tell the tale.

    The constant digital presence of the self-proclaimed “social media guy,” caused Thurston to hit a point of mental exhaustion.

    “What I realized first was how much time I spent trying to think of things to say. Like, what is the caption for this moment of my life?” Thurston said. It was then that he decided to step back from his digital persona for twenty-five days, and he felt a difference instantly.

    “Not every experience needs to be documented. And in over-documenting, we often don’t experience the experience,” he said, “And I really didn’t realize how true that was until I shut down for a little while,” said Thurston.

    Constantly being tuned into the alternate digital universe can create a false sense of urgency and dominate your mental freedom, which Thurston believes can be the most inhibiting factor in a digital addiction.

  • Never Pay Full Price Ever Again

    Samara Mackereth at Katie's Take 2 yrs ago

    Katie's Take

    Everyone loves a deal but what everyone might not know is that you never have to pay full price. Ever. Shopping expert Mark Ellwood has the tips to get you all access deals on everything you buy.

    According to Ellwood, it may not be where you shop but when you shop that can alter the number on your receipts. And lucky for us, July is the best month to shop. The reason being is that mid-Summer is liquidation time for stores, as they are between holiday and fashion seasons. The month to avoid the mall, says Ellwood, is April. With tax returns lining people’s bank accounts, they feel rich and want to treat themselves and retailers know that which is why you will find far less discounts during the Spring months.

    But if you prefer shopping analog, getting a deal is as easy as being friendly. The sales assistant is the getaway to the inside track on deals. They hold the key to pre-sale prices, promotion and VIP discounts. Being friendly with the story employees can help you to get a deal when everyone else is paying full price. With Mark’s simple tips, you can be sure to never pay full price for anything, ever again.

  • Make Body Language Work For You

    Samara Mackereth at Katie's Take 2 yrs ago

    Katie's Take

    Our body language can tell the world a lot about us. People draw conclusions about how confident or insecure we may be simply through our gestures and posture. But what does our body language say to us? According to Amy Cuddy, psychologist and Harvard Business School professor, we can change our outcomes by simply adjusting the way we carry ourselves.

    Through Cuddy’s research she has defined what she calls ‘power poses.’ These poses involve making ourselves big, with outstretched arms and legs. This body language can actually change how we feel by increasing our testosterone production, a hormone that gives us energy and confidence, while decreasing our cortisol levels which is a hormone associated with elevated stress levels.

    Cuddy believes that by simply striking a power pose, you can infuse yourself with the confidence and self assurance you need to achieve your goals. She suggests trying these poses before job interviews, speeches or important meetings.