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  • Ed Burns Goes Bad

    Stefan Doyno at Katie's Take 1 yr ago

    Many mainstream actors are transitioning from the big screen to the small screen. One of those actors, is Ed Burns, who happens to be married to the very beautiful supermodel Christy Turlington. “Can I just say that I think she’s probably one of the most beautiful women in the world,” Katie said.“It’s kind of annoying.”

    Ed is working on a new show on TNT.“It’s called ‘Mob City’ [it’s set in] 1947 LA. The show was created by, written by, most of the episodes directed by the great Frank Derabont – and it takes a look at some real characters and some fictional characters in 1947 LA,” Ed says. “It’s an homage of sorts, I guess to those great film noirs of the 30s and ‘40s.”

    Bugsy Siegel plays an important role in the show. “He was a gangster in New York,” Ed noted, “He moved out to LA, or was sent out to LA to take care of the mob out there. He’s the guy who sort of gets credit for starting Las Vegas.”

    So, does Ed (who usually plays the good guy) enjoy playing a darker character? Yes. Very much so. “When you get the phone call,” said Ed, “you jump at the chance.”

    Needless to say he’s happy to be on the small screen.

  • Avril Lavigne: It’s Not That ‘Complicated’

    Stefan Doyno at Katie's Take 1 yr ago

    Canadian singer Avril Lavigne - who busted onto the scene with loose neckties and black eyeliner has grown up. She’s not the punky 17-year old girl she once was - she’s now a punky 29 year old woman. Her new self titled album is her 5th, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

    “It’s very me. It’s so diverse, Avril said, all the sounds and styles from the past – that’s there.

    She also experimented and grown. She has a song titled “Hello Kitty” which is more electronic, and a little more upbeat compared to her usual “break up”, “boy-bashing” hits.

    “I’m not a teenager anymore,” she added. “There’s something there for everyone.”

    Avril also recently married Chad Kroeger, from the band Nickelback in the south of France. The bride wore black – black eye make-up, black nail polish and of course a black dress. Oh, and there was a black cake…maybe she hasn’t changed too much.

    She did however receive a white diamond ring – which you have to see to believe.

  • Cate Edwards Opens Up About John Edwards’ Affair

    Stefan Doyno at Katie's Take 1 yr ago

    “He had an affair while your mom was dealing with breast cancer,” Katie said, “How did you learn about this?”

    “My dad told me,” Cate said. “I was an adult so I obviously understood what was going on.”

    Cate said that the conversation was very difficult for both her and her father, but she was grateful that he told her.

    “Were you furious at your dad? Because honestly I was so mad, if I were you I would have been just enraged,” Katie said.

    “When he’s your dad it’s a different type of anger,” Cate explained.

    While there was anger, there was a lot of love too, and now Cate and her dad have a great relationship.

    Cate also went into detail regarding how she handled her mother’s illness and eventually her mother’s death. She was able to get through it with strength and support from friends, family and her husband.

    “I know that before your mom died she said she wanted you and your siblings to someday tell your own children that she ‘Stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way and it surely has not, she adjusted her sails’,” Katie said. “What else would you tell your children about your mom, their grandmother, one day?”

  • Sandra Oh on Leaving ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ at Season-End

    Stefan Doyno at Katie's Take 1 yr ago

    Sandra Oh – well known for her character Dr. Christina Yang on the hit show "Grey’s Anatomy" -- stopped by to talk with Katie about the series and what she will do after she leaves at the end of the 10th season.

    So why is Oh leaving Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital?

    “I felt like all the avenues that a character that could possibly be explored,” she said, “I feel like we have done that.”

    “Was that a tough decision to make?” Katie asked.

    “Yes, it was. It took me a couple of years to come to that decision.”

    Two years ago, Sandra started thinking about leaving "Grey’s Anatomy" when the show started renegotiating contracts.

    “[I thought] If the show is going to come to an end, I need to start thinking about letting it go.”

    But the hardest part will be saying goodbye to her friends and colleagues on the show.

    “Will you miss all those people?” said Katie, “I imagine you’ve become kind of a family.”

    “It makes my heart full and heavy at the same time," said Sandra. "[There are] so many long-term relationships that I have there. I will be really, really sad.”

    “There are still 24 more episodes to go,” she noted.

  • Katie Loves Chachi

    Stefan Doyno at Katie's Take 1 yr ago

    Scott Baio is back in New York and chatting with Katie. The former teen heartthrob from “Happy Days,” “Joanie Loves Chachi” and “Charles in Charge” is all grown up now. He now stars in “See Dad Run” as a sitcom TV star who becomes a stay-at-home dad to three children.

    In real life, Scott has settled into family life quite nicely with wife Renee and 5-year-old daughter Bailey.

    “How’s it going?” asked Katie.

    “It’s fun. Having a child is an amazing experience,” he said. “There’s a lot of times where it’s hard and [you think] is it this much work sometimes?”

    Scott started acting at 15 and became such a popular star in the '80s that Katie wondered how he was able to stay away from trouble and survive the pitfalls that many child stars face.

    “How did you keep your head straight?” Katie asked.

    Well, three things kept Scott in line: his mom, dad, and director Gary Marshall.

    “My father told me when I was a little boy ‘If you do drugs, I’ll kill ya' and he wasn’t joking,” Scott said, “I guess he’d rather me die his way than that way.”

    Working with Marshall was also a great way to steer clear from any harmful substances.

    Another reason to stay clean was more personal than anything else.

  • Daniel Radcliffe Discusses Life after ‘Harry Potter’

    Stefan Doyno at Katie's Take 1 yr ago

    "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe joined Katie to catch up and discuss his career, his upcoming movie "Kill Your Darlings" and his television miniseries with Jon Hamm of "Mad Men."

    "Following Harry Potter, I think you've been very smart about choosing, as you said, interesting roles that keep people engaged in your career," Katie noted.

    Interesting and daring roles in Broadway shows like "Equus" and "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying."

    So how does performing on stage compare to the films that Daniel's done in the past?

    "I grew up on film, so I'm immensely comfortable on a film set," he said, "But I find it hugely educational doing stage work."

    For Daniel it's important to find ways of keeping his stage work fresh: "If you're bored, the audience will be bored."

    Daniel also discussed his upcoming miniseries, which co-stars one of Katie's favorite actors, Jon Hamm.

    "He's a lot of people’s personal favorite," Daniel noted. "He's made many people swoon. I've watched it."

  • Katie and LL Cool J Get Punchy!

    Stefan Doyno at Katie's Take 1 yr ago

    Katie invited rapper-turned actor LL Cool J on the show to discuss the “A” Game Challenge – a partnership between his charity “Jump and Ball” and ACE Brand. The challenge is a nationwide contest that allows sport fans and young athletes to submit videos of their “A” game moments.

    Katie had her own challenge for LL Cool J – it involved a punching bag machine -- and it's not going to be easy.

    "I don't know if you've seen my guns," Katie said.

    "I have. They're locked and loaded," replied LL Cool J.

    Katie also brought out 16-year-old pinch boxer Shakur Stevenson to level the playing field.

    We wouldn't exactly say level the playing field, as Stevenson has been boxing since age 5. He also recently won gold in the Junior World Championship at the Kiev Palace of Sports.

    So how did it all go down?

    First up, LL Cool J with a score of 398, then 672.

    When Shakur’s turn came up – he scored a 690 and then 694.

    "I may be a girl, but I'm gonna try this too!" Katie yelled.

    Katie scored a 5 and with final score of 26.

    Shakur ultimately won and went home with a sweet pair of Beats by Dre headsets -- to listen to old-school LL Cool J, of course.

  • How to Boost Your Memory

    Stefan Doyno at Katie's Take 1 yr ago

    There’s nothing more insulting than forgetting someone’s name – and while there are some tricks you can use, such as “How do you spell your name again?” it often ends with embarrassment. “... It’s S-A-M.”

    Why not just boost your memory by using this cool tip from memory-master and USA Memory Championship winner Nelson Dellis?

    “When I’m about to meet somebody, the first thing I do is pay attention,” Nelson said.

    Whoa there, Nelson, we’re not all mental athletes. Here are three easy steps to mastering a name.

    Tip #1: Look at someone and choose a distinguishing feature.

    The first thing Katie noticed about Nelson was his hair. “You have a little Woody Woodpecker situation,” she said.

    Tip #2: Think of someone famous with the same name.

    In this case, it’s Nelson Mandela.

    Tip #3: Stick an image of the celebrity with the feature.

    Katie places Nelson Mandela on top of Nelson Dellis’ spiky hair situation.

    Now, the next time Katie meets Nelson Dellis at cocktail party, she won’t have to get out of the conversation by refreshing her drink.

  • Julianna Margulies Talks Dip, Parties, the ‘Loser Lounge’

    Stefan Doyno at Katie's Take 1 yr ago

    Katie Couric's throwing a potluck party and everyone is invited. And it even featured a guest star: Julianna Margulies.

    And when Margulies is not acting as a lawyer on the hit series "The Good Wife," she's making her signature eggplant dip. Which is healthy by the way.

    "There's nothing bad in it," Margulies noted, "People don't feel guilty eating it. Oftentimes the appetizers are -I'm sorry Katie but ... caramelized bacon."

    Julianna was only slightly judging Katie's favorite appetizers -- which consist of potatoes and bacon.

    Other tips we've learned from Juliana? Never say no to a dinner party -- that's where she met her husband -- who had no idea who she was.

    "Was he living under a rock?" asked Katie.

    No, he was in law school. But don't feel bad for Julianna, he also had no idea who Naomi Watts was either.

    Continuing on with the party theme Juliana also shared with the audience her favorite post-Emmy party theme -- Jon Hamm and Amy Poehler's "Loser Lounge" for the actors and actresses who walk away empty handed.

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Triple Threat

    Stefan Doyno at Katie's Take 1 yr ago

    He can sing, dance and act. What will Joseph Gordon-Levitt pull out of his sleeve next?

    Katie Couric sat down with the actor who stars, writes and directs his latest film "Don Jon" to talk about his many upcoming projects.

    "Do you think you might want to do a musical one day? Because obviously, you've got the music in you," Katie asked.

    The answer was yes: "I love musical movies," said Gordon-Levitt.

    And with his open collaborative production company hitRECord, Gordon-Levitt will be directing a variety show set to air in January.

    "It's hard to compare it to anything on TV," he said. "The closest I've come is 'Sesame Street' - but not for kids."

    In addition to his TV and film work, "JGL" (if that's not a thing - it should be) is also releasing a book: "The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories."

    Thousands of artist contributions went into the making of this book before being whittled down to 67 selections.