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  • Samaritan Braves Wreckage to Save Tot

    Steve Osunsami at ABC News Blogs1 yr ago

    "I heard like two trains colliding, that is what it sounded like," he said.

    When he rushed outside, he saw that two SUVs and a car had collided in the street across from his home in the city's South Side neighborhood.

    Quinones had a security camera pointed at the street, and caught the entire incident on video.

    In the video, a Cadillac appeared to disregard a stop sign, hit an oncoming Ford Explorer, which then hit another SUV. The three cars were piled up in the middle of the street.

    The video shows Quinones and others in the neighborhood rushing out of their homes to see what had happened. The neighbors approached the vehicles and started helping its occupants.

    As Quinones drew closer to the vehicles, he heard the faint sounds of a young girl crying. The sounds were coming from the Ford Explorer that was lying on its side.

    "And I could hear her cry and yelling for her mother and father, so I could not just leave the baby there," Quinones, who has 14 grandchildren, told " Good Morning America" in an interview that aired on the show today. "To hear a baby cry like that, it breaks your heart."

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