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  • Sidewalks Made of Toilets? Town Flush With Savings

    Susanna Kim at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    In Bellingham, Wash., the sidewalks are paved with toilets - 400 discarded porcelain thrones ground up in a mixture they call "poticrete."

    The sidewalks were part of the Meador Kansas Ellis Trail Project in Bellingham, about 22 miles south of the Canadian border. The project is the first-ever to receive certification from the Greenroads Foundation, a non-profit group advocating for sustainable transportation infrastructure.  The certification, which was bestowed this week, has 11 requirements and represents "a significantly higher level of sustainability than the typical road project of today," according to the group.

    The sidewalk project cost about $850,000, which is about the same cost as using the typical gravel concoction. Recycled asphalt was also used and low-energy LED street lighting added to cut the power bill, Freeman Anthony, project engineer for the City of Bellingham Public Works, said.

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