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  • ‘No Numbers Here’: Math Museum Founder Glen Whitney

    Tanya Rivero, Nick Poppy, Mary-Rose Abraham and Christina Lopez at Newsmakers1 yr ago

    We live in a world surrounded by numbers.

    Whether we’re balancing our checkbooks, reading recipes or calculating what the best deals at the supermarket are, chances are you’re thinking, writing and communicating in numbers.

    There’s now a museum in New York City that is centered on math but has very few numbers.

    Glen Whitney is the executive director of the National Museum of Math in Manhattan and says there’s a lot more to math.

    “Math touches on so many things in the world around us there’s a connection between mathematics and music, connection with engineering, between mathematics and business, between mathematics and art,” said Whitney. “And we want to show all those parts of mathematics here.”

    A math enthusiast since the age of 14, Whitney said his love for numbers continued to grow when he realized math was more about what new things he could discover that no one had ever seen before.

    After a career as a math scholar and then a professor at the University of Michigan, Whitney became involved coaching his daughter’s elementary school math league. He realized there was not a place to nurture kids’ curiosity about numbers and science.

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