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  • Wildlife photo wins first place in Yahoo News and Flickr winter scenes contest

    Yahoo News8 mths ago

    David Renwald’s patience in freezing temperatures and snow in Yellowstone National Park paid off. His photograph captured a coyote sitting among grass poking from the snow in a moment that evokes seclusion, concentration and calm.

    The photo, titled “Placid Coyote,” won first place in Yahoo News and Flickr winter scenery photography contest. Renwald’s work was among 711 photos submitted from 357 entrants.

    “Coyotes lead a tenuous life among the wolf packs in Yellowstone National Park,” Renwald, of Portland, Ore., told Yahoo News. “This female and her mate were hunting on frozen ponds when she decided to sit on the edge of the rushes and scan the landscape and maybe listen for a wolf howl. I watched her for quite a long while and then had time for only two photographs before she trotted off. The temperature that day reached a high of minus-18 degrees.”

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  • 'I'm desperate for clean water' — and other worries from West Virginia

    Yahoo News9 mths ago


    “This one simple thing that I take for granted every day is gone,” Katie Hubbard says. “I'm desperate for clean water here.”

    The Charleston, W.V., resident — one of about 300,000 near the state capital without access to clean water since a chemical spill on Thursdayin the Elk River — shared her apprehension in a first-person account on Yahoo News.

    Schools, restaurants, businesses and public buildings across nine counties in southwestern West Virginia closed down as authorities instructed residents to avoid water for anything — drinking, bathing, cooking, washing and more.

    Map of area affected by DO NOT USE water order -- blue areas inside red circle. #wvamwater

    There’s inconvenience certainly — “This means the bathrooms are not operational,” resident Bonny Starkey notes — and some hysteria and handwringing over empty grocery store shelves.

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