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  • The fight over what grief means

    Vera H-C Chan at The Lookout1 yr ago

    By Vera H-C Chan

    How much is too much grief? And how long do you wait before you decide?

    Among all the changes in the fifth version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), the most controversial may have been removing the so-called "bereavement exclusion." The proposal galvanized what the New York Times dubbed a "bitter skirmish" over what depression means, inspired petitions, and roused a former DSM-IV task force chair to call its removal a "dreadful mistake that flies in the face of clinical common sense."

    Acrimony aside, most in the debate agree that you can't put a clock on sorrow. There's little argument that grief and major depression are two different things, and that grief lessens its intensity over time while major depression is a recurring disorder.

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  • Great Headphones for Under $40

    Vera H-C Chan at Yahoo! On the Road1 yr ago

    So you didn't score tickets for Yahoo! On the Road. Watching live-stream concerts on your iPhone may be the next best thing, but you may have noticed that your headsets aren't doing your music much justice. And these days, Dr. Dre has convinced the masses that they need to lay out anywhere between $200 to $1,000 for a set of headphones (a million, if you want yours diamond-encrusted) for seriously deep bass. But we understand, you may be prone to mutilating or losing your set, and, you're saving up for a bikini wax for the summer season.

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  • SPORTS: How to get away with watching March Madness in the office

    Vera H-C Chan at The Upshot1 yr ago

    Sure, your workplace will let you do an NCAA tournament office pool. Allow a little bit of smack talk about Notre Dame's leprechaun camouflage uniforms. Maybe some gung-ho boss will go as far as corralling saggy-bottomed minions to a game of after-hour hoops, in the misguided spirit of a team-bonding-cum-CPR-training exercise. But watch March Madness during business hours? Not unless you fill out your application for the local Dairy Queen at the same time.

    Then again, we're living in 2013, the era of auto-flush toilets and military drones. Don't tell me you can't sneak in some NCAA action without getting caught. The easiest way of course is to charge up the battery the night before, slip the phone somewhere inconspicuous, and work on stifling whoops of delight as you stream from Yahoo! Sports. (Don't forget your cable log-in.)

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  • Analysis: Women leaving extreme faiths

    Vera H-C Chan at Yahoo! News1 yr ago

    When Megan Phelps-Roper—heir apparent to the notorious Westboro Baptist Church founded by her grandfather Fred Phelps—left with her younger sister Grace in November, they joined that rare population of women who leave extreme faiths.

    Indeed, more women are more likely to be cast out—like former WBC follower Lauren Drain, whose memoir comes out this week. Experts say to an extreme faith — be they cults or fringe elements — there is only us vs. them, chosen vs. unenlightened, saved vs. sinners. To leave is to forgo community, structure, kin and perhaps one's eternal soul. Leaving meant "sadness, and Hell, and destruction, and losing the only family, friends, faith, truth I'd ever known," Phelps-Roper recently wrote. "It simply wasn't on the table."

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  • Hard lessons from record-low law school applications

    Vera H-C Chan at Yahoo! News1 yr ago

    To paraphrase the Bard: The first thing we do, let's kill all the law school applicants.

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