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  • Police arrest man they said forgot to log off Facebook on computer in home he was robbing

    Will Lerner at Odd News4 mths ago

    26-year-old Nicholas Wig allegedly broke into a St. Paul, Minnesota home last week and stole several items, and he might have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for one dumb act. Police say that the Minnesota man, while inside the home of James Wood, logged onto Facebook but then forgot to log off. As WCCO CBS Minnesota reports, this helped lead to his arrest.

    When homeowner James Wood arrived back at his house, he discovered it had been ransacked. Credit cards, cash, and a watch were missing. Strangely enough, a pair of wet sneakers and a pair of wet pants not belonging to Mr. Wood were left behind. “[I] kind of started to panic,” the St. Paul resident told WCCO. However, when he went on to his computer, he noticed an important clue as to who had done the deed, telling the station, “He pulled up his Facebook profile, he left it up.” That’s right, Mr. Wig had forgotten to log off his account.

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