Ayla Reynolds Blogs Unite, Demand Action and Advocacy

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In the wake of the police announcing last week Ayla Reynolds is most likely dead, two blogs dedicated to her recovery merged. Justice for Ayla and Answers for Ayla now stand together under the moniker United for Ayla.

The new blog has taken an activist stance, debuting with two petitions, one addressed to Maine's governor and one to State Farm Insurance. The petitions will be delivered, United for Ayla said, once 5,000 people sign.

Pleas to the Governor

The gubernatorial petition will ask Maine Gov. Paul LePage to assume a leadership stance in ensuring the case is brought to justice. The petition link is under construction.

An independent letter from Ayla's mother, Trista Reynolds, to LePage requests that the governor advocate for justice in her daughter's case.

"I beseech you to speak to the investigators and the prosecutors on Ayla's behalf," Reynolds said in the letter, "the sooner arrests can be made and justice served the sooner the community can move on."

But Reynolds noted that moving on is out of reach for her, personally.

"I have no illusions about my life ever being able to move on," she said, "but I will cope knowing the party responsible for my baby's demise is being punished to the full extent of the law."

Insurance Investigation Requested

Signers of the State Farm petition are asking the insurance company to investigate a life insurance policy taken out on Ayla Reynolds' life by her father Justin DiPietro. DiPietro purchased the policy through a childhood friend, Derek Tudela. That friend sold him the policy only three days after DiPietro took baby Ayla into his home on what was supposed to be a temporary basis, Reynolds learned, according to earlier blog posts. Reynolds also said DiPietro obtained Ayla's Social Security number from her on false pretenses, then used it to obtain life insurance. Once Ayla disappeared, the Tudela family housed Justin DiPietro in their home, the petition says.

While some commenters on the old Justice for Ayla blog questioned the authority of State Farm to investigate the life insurance policy in the absence of a claim, Peter Hyatt's Statement Analysis blog issued a Q and A outlining what it says are the parameters of State Farm's authority respecting its polices. Hyatt said a claim is not a prerequisite for an investigation. He expressed optimism toward such an investigation, noting insurance investigators face higher educational requirements than police and their training focuses more intensely on interviewing since their job duties aren't as expansive as those of police.

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