Baby Lisa Irwin Case -- Timeline of the Night She Disappeared

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Details in the case of missing 11-month-old baby Lisa Irwin of Kansas City, Mo., keep changing. ABC News reports an FBI cadaver dog picked up a scent of human decomposition in the house next to the bed of Lisa's parents. Investigators have focused back upon the home of the baby, missing since early October.

New witnesses and testimony have surfaced in the past week since the disappearance Oct. 3. Here is a timeline of the 14 critical hours that saw a young baby vanish from her home.

5 p.m. Oct. 3: Mother went shopping

Security cameras at Festival Foods show Lisa's mother shopping for items with her brother at around 5 p.m. KCTV reports Deborah Bradley brought a box of wine, baby wipes and baby food.

6:40 p.m. Oct. 3: Last saw the baby

Just an hour and a half later, Bradley admitted she "passed out" from being drunk. Lisa's mother didn't say this publicly until Oct. 17, two weeks after her baby was missing. Reuters reports Bradley said she was drunk but that didn't mean she hurt Lisa.

10:30 p.m. Oct. 3: Initially said she fell asleep

Bradley initially told investigators she fell asleep at 10:30 after putting Lisa to bed. Then she changed her story later to say she was drunk and passed out nearly four hours earlier.

12:15 a.m. Oct. 4: Witnesses saw someone carry a baby

CNN reported Friday, nearly three weeks after the disappearance, that neighbors saw a man carrying a baby. While a husband was going to his car to go to work, the wife told reporter Jim Spellman they saw a man carrying a baby while walking down the street. This was about 5 1/2 hours after Bradley said she passed out drunk.

4 a.m. Oct. 4: More witnesses saw a man carrying a baby

It wasn't until Friday that more witnesses came forward to say they saw a man in a T-shirt carrying a baby. ABC News reported Mike Thompson said he saw someone about three miles away from the Irwin home dressed in just a shirt and pants holding a baby. Thompson also said it was about 45 degrees outside as he was coming home from work.

4 a.m. Oct. 4: Jeremy Irwin came home

ABC News reported it was Jeremy Irwin's first night on the job as an electrician when he came home at 4 a.m. Oct. 4. He talked to Bradley about what was wrong in the house and why his daughter wasn't in her crib. He called 911 shortly afterward.

5 a.m. Oct. 4: Police scoured neighborhood

Neighbor Charles Rusher reported to ABC News that he was awoken at 5 a.m. by police looking for the baby. Officers scoured the area nearest to Lisa's house first trying to locate the baby.

7 a.m. Oct. 4: Amber Alert issued

An Amber Alert was issued at 7 a.m., 14 hours after Bradley was seen at the grocery store buying wine. The alert was canceled 12 hours later as authorities and local offices were aware of the situation.

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