New balance trainer claims to offer a more authentic surfing ride


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If you love surfing, snowboarding, and paddle boarding, or if you just want the physique of someone who does, a new German balance board is making waves in its home country, according to Germany’s massive fitness event, FIBO, happening this week. 

Developed a few years ago, the Sensoboard is a unique balance board that reduces the pivot area to one point, which aims to more closely simulate the challenge of your favorite board sport. While performing basic exercises on the board, such as arm exercises or squats (or even just standing for true beginners), the device claims to train balance, reflexes, coordination, and core strength -- and improve your skill when out in the water or snow.

While the training principle isn’t new and plenty of other manufacturers offer balance training devices, from stability balls and wobble boards to rubber balance discs and rocker boards, Sensoboard claims to take it much further by offering an even more unstable, unpredictable ride -- with the rotating platform tilting in all directions, making for one intense workout. Even after a few years of using the board, the manufacturers promise that you will still be challenged when using it.

Of course, another key difference is price point: for newest Sensoboard, you will need to shell out €389. An Aequiride version, priced at €429, is designed for physiotherapy and rehab.

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