Baltimore Ravens Super Fan Deflects Ridicule from 'Skins Family Members

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Baltimore Ravens Super Fan Deflects Ridicule from 'Skins Family Members

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Will Smink of Gaithersburg, Maryland, Ready for the Rumble in New Orleans

Yahoo News asked big-time fans of the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens to send in photos that show the wacky and fanatic side of sports fandom. Here's one.

If you thought $1,500 in bird hats, 12 t-shirts, 8 hats, 4 shot glasses, and a number of umbrellas, ponchos, lanyards, flags, and car decals were enough to make someone a "super fan," then you are wrong.

Will Smink, of Gaithersburg, Md., has been a Baltimore Ravens fan since he was 16 years old and plans to get a tattoo honoring the team he has groveled for over eight years.

Smink has even gone as far as getting a job at a local sporting goods store and taken on broadcast journalism as a major in college to get closer to his beloved team. He plans on taking a job with the Ravens upon graduation.

When he was young, his parents, who are ardent Washington Redskins fans, wrote in a Christmas card that he "came out" in support of the team from Baltimore. While his family does not get pumped up for Baltimore, Will loves to get his co-workers pumped up by doing the Ray Lewis dance prior to big shopping days at the store.

A traitor to his family but not co-workers, Smink will proudly be surrounded with his Ravens garb as they work toward a win in Super Bowl XLVII.

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