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Bananas and Boxes Are Like Facebook Too, Says the Internet



Via Are Like Facebook

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Facebook boasts its similarities to chairs and other inanimate objects -- doorbells, airplanes, bridges, dance floors, basketball -- in their new ad campaign.

The social network's first commercial has inspired a new Tumblr, Are Like Facebook, that highlights the other random things Facebook is like. Flip through the gallery above for some of our favorites.

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The Tumblr, however, isn't the only thing poking fun at the ad.

A new website,, asks if chairs are indeed like Facebook. The never-changing answer is simply a large "NO" on a white background.

The Twitter parody account @InvisibleObama has also chimed in with its thoughts.

That account wasn't the only person that made the connection between the two viral moments. Mgarciaad, a member of the Mashable community, sent us the meme mashup below.

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