Barack Obama and the Youth Vote: Can the President Sway the Youth Again?

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Yahoo! News asked voters ages 23 to 27 whom they'd choose, Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, if an election were held today. Here's one perspective.

COMMENTARY | I don't doubt that there are countless people that have had a lot rougher time during Barack Obama's presidency than I have. I am 25, living in Peoria, Ill., and am still in the "safety" of college as I write for the Yahoo! Contributor Network and play music via my band to fill in the financial holes. Because I still find myself in the safety net that is collegiate academia -- that is one expensive safety net -- I haven't had first-hand experience with the supposedly horrendous job market. However, I do pay my way through college and pay for all of my bills, so I don't want to come across as someone that is just coasting along either.

Four years ago, Barack Obama inspired me. A sweeping wave of change didn't wash away everything bad in the world, but the ability to inspire is important. Inspiration doesn't put money in the bank or food on the table, though. Our system is complex and to blame Obama -- or any president -- for the decay of that system is like a professional sports team firing its coach because the players don't play well. It's not because the coach is actually responsible, but because he's the easiest, most noticeable target. The only way I would see Obama directly responsible for unemployment is if he was going street-to-street burning down businesses. I'd say the same thing concerning any Republican candidate.

I don't expect anyone to vote for Obama if you disagree with his policy (Obamacare, gay marriage, etc.), but to not vote for him or any candidate because of the current state of affairs (i.e., unemployment) doesn't make sense. The president has more influence than he does power at home. Congress holds the keys to the kingdom and they are the ones who have dropped the torch -- not Obama, not George W. Bush. It's not that either Obama or Bush did a perfect job, or even a great job, it's that they aren't the ones holding the torch to drop in the first place. Barring some jarring development, Obama will get my vote in November.

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