Best Friends Give Away Money in Boston

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How nice is this?

Steven Grant and Richard Cook have been hiding $20 bills around the Boston area for the last year, UPI tells us. Their goal: Just to make people a little happier.

The two have given away more than $7,000 already, and they have turned the event into a bit of a scavenger hunt. Each day, they post hints about the location of the money on Twitter and their website. Whoever finds the cash is expected to let everyone else know the money is gone.

The movement is so popular that some business have started playing the game -- and providing about half of the $20 the two have given away.

Grant and Cook aren't the first to hand out money to strangers.

In North Carolina last month, Bob Blackley celebrated his birthday by giving away $5 to total strangers, Yahoo! tells us.

The 57-year-old stood in traffic handing out the money to unsuspecting drivers. His reasoning, which he wrote on a sign: "I have a job. I have a home. Could you use an extra $5?

Blackley handed out a total of $285. Then his wife, Carol, showed up, to match the amount he gave away.

It's apparently a popular birthday celebration. Earlier this year Doug Eaton rang in his 65th birthday by passing out $5 bills in Oklahoma City, Yahoo! Shine tells us.

Eaton spent more than an hour on the busy highway, where he gave away $375 to drivers. The responses, of course, were mixed-many people didn't understand why he was doing it, but most were grateful for the pocket change.

One family even gave Eaton $2 to thank him for the random act of kindness. Eaton, of course, gave that family a $5 bill. "We kind of traded blessings," Eaton wrote on his Facebook wall, the article tells us.

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