Best Pics Yet: This Could Be the Real iPhone 5


Is This the Next iPhone?

Photo courtesy Lab Factory

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iPhone 5, is that you? We've seen plenty of leaked pics of different parts of what's purported to be the next iPhone, but Lab Factory seems to have uncovered the most complete spy shots yet of the upcoming handset from Apple, whatever it might eventually be called.

Since Lab Factory is a repair shop, it could be privy to some of the early prototypes of the next iPhone. But would Apple allow its precious prototypes in the hands of those untrustworthy enough to publish a large set of photos of it? If these shots are real, somebody's in trouble.

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These aren't proven to be pics of the next iPhone, but given the boatload of rumors we've heard about a smaller connector, wider 16x9 screen with a longer/larger form factor and a metal back, this gallery of sneak peeks certainly falls in line.

What do you think? Are these pictures showing the real thing?

[Lab Factory, via 9to5mac]

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