How to take the best possible pictures with the HTC One (M8) UltraPixel camera

HTC’s new flagship smartphone is the best Android phone the world has ever seen. The HTC One (M8)’s design is sleek and elegant, the build is fantastic and the software includes a number of great new features. The camera, however, is a mixed bag. HTC’s new Duo Camera technology includes a second lens that collects depth information and facilitates some pretty awesome effects, but we found the quality of photos and videos captured by HTC’s UltraPixel camera to be lacking.

Some people have seen much better results than we did with the M8′s camera, however, and now one blog has put together a nice quick guide to help users get the most out of the camera on HTC’s new flagship smartphone.

Phone Arena on Friday published a collection of 11 quick tips and tricks that explain various ways to help improve the quality of photos and videos captured with the HTC One (M8)’s Duo Camera. A few of them might be obvious to some users, but others are terrific tricks that most people likely wouldn’t consider.

In the shots above, for example, users can see the difference it makes when you tap to set the focus and exposure in low light. Users often let the phone auto-focus for them, but results can be improved dramatically in some scenarios by manually tapping your subject.

There are plenty more good tips where that came from, such as the suggestions to disable focus lock in videos, avoid slow-motion recording in low light, and steer clear of the camera’s “Night Mode” at all costs.

For all of the site’s tips and tricks, follow the link below in our source section.

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