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  • HowardCooper.comThe employees of Howard Cooper Import Center in Ann Arbor, Mich., are still buzzing about their boss' farewell gesture, fat bonus checks worth thousands of dollars each.

    "Oh it was totally a surprise to everyone," Howard Cooper's employee Sandy Reagan told ABC News.

    Howard Cooper, 83, has owned his car dealership for 47 years, but is now retiring. Cooper sold the company to Ohio-based Germain Motor Company last April, but before the business transaction was complete, he wanted to make sure all 89 of his employees knew how much he appreciated their efforts.

    So Cooper came up with a "thank you" gesture. He surprised each employee last Wednesday with a check for $1,000 for each year of service they had put into working for him.

    "I wanted to thank my employees and that was a way I could do it. I hope it makes a difference in their lives like they have made in mine," Cooper told

    "I was excited. I was happy he did it for everyone. Not just

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  • Teacher pay is back in the headlines as the Chicago school teachers went on strike Monday.

    The average teacher salary is $71,236 in the Chicago Public School district, which includes elementary schools and high schools, according to the Illinois Interactive Report Card of Northern Illinois University. The average in the state is $64,978.

    Jackson Potter, staff coordinator of the Chicago Teachers Union cautioned that the average salary figures likely include a large number of veteran teachers who retired this year: 1,665 teachers, according to the latest figures from the Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund.

    While negotiations in the nation's third-largest school district are focusing on a number of issues, including job security and teacher evaluations, the complicated issue of teacher pay will always be a point of discussion across the country, said Chris Swanson, a vice president at Education Week.

    "The idea that teachers have much more generous benefits packages than other occupations

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  • (stball77/YouTube)Tourists trying to get up close and personal with wildlife in Montana's Yellowstone National Park were charged by a bison after ignoring signs the animal was agitated by their approach.

    A video of the encounter posted on YouTube shows a group of seven people including some children, approaching the bison from a wooden walkway through the woodlands. While one takes pictures the other six people look and point and see how close they can get to the beast.

    While it's unclear what the people closest to the animal saw, the man taking the video can be heard saying that he sees the animal become agitated at the intrusion.

    "…See his head moving, see his gesturing, saying, 'I will get you. I will get you,'" the man says, while also encouraging them to "touch him on the head."

    The bison, which can reach speeds of 30 mph, can be seen moving his head back and forth before he takes off and charges after the group, following one child, who appears to be the youngest.

    The boy

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  • Dallas Cowboys' Dez Bryant linked to incident at Walmart parking lot

    By Lisa Maria Garza and Jon Herskovitz DALLAS (Reuters) - Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was questioned by police at the scene of a 2011 incident in which a witness reported that Bryant's girlfriend was dragged by an unidentified man across a Texas Walmart parking lot, according to police documents. Neither Bryant or the Cowboys have commented on the report that was released as the National Football League has been rocked by a series of highly publicized domestic violence incidents among players including Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson. In the 2011 incident in Texas, a Walmart security guard told police a person reported to him that a black man dragged Bryant's girlfriend Ilyne Nash from a white Mercedes, which was registered to Bryant, and across the parking lot.

  • Cycling federation seeks withdrawal of Astana licence over doping
    Cycling federation seeks withdrawal of Astana licence over doping

    The World Tour Licence gives access to the main international races, including the Tour de France and big tours in Italy and Spain. Astana said it was "compelled to respect" the UCI move while it awaited a final decision. It has also been on the defensive over Italian media claims claims that banned doping doctor Michele Ferrari had met with the team. The UCI agreed to give Astana a World Tour Licence in December on condition that the team cooperated with a study by Lausanne University's Institute of Sport Sciences (ISSUL) on last year's doping cases.

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