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  • Ate It All? Super Bowl Ad Calorie Count

    Between keeping track of the score, the clock, the down and yardage, the Super Bowl involves a lot of number-watching, but what viewers tend not to count during the wing-munching, chip-chomping free-for-all are calories.

    And with ads full of taco-loving senior citizens and a violent (screaming) goat who really loves his Doritos, it feels more natural to laugh it off and take another bite - maybe even do a snack run for tacos and Doritos.

    "There's definitely a lot of evidence that advertising is extremely persuasive," said Sara Bleich, a health policy professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. "The Super Bowl is sort of a free license for gluttony across all demographic groups.

    Bleich compared the Super Bowl to Thanksgiving, and said she guesses people consume "thousands" of calories before the best team wins.

    So what would happen if you ate one serving of everything you saw advertised? I wanted to find out,

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  • The old saying "Better late than never" rang especially true for one Cincinnati couple, Joyce and Paul Werner, who celebrated their 45 th wedding anniversary Sunday after finally being reunited with Joyce's wedding band.

    She had lost it 40 years ago.

    It turned up during a bathroom remodeling job being done in the home where the Werner's were first married and raised their children in the early '70s. The ring is now safely back on Joyce's hand, and "It fits perfect," she said.

    "I was debating on whether or not to redo the bathroom because it's probably original with the house, but I thought I should go ahead," Rita Hellmich, 63, of Greensburg, Ind., told "One of the contractors took the existing vanity out. Literally, the ring popped out. It was that tight behind the vanity. It even made an indention on the plaster. It was in there that tight.

    "One of the contractors said he thought they found a ring of mine. But no, this wasn't my

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  • NFL: Blackout Not Beyonce's Fault

    Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime show performance was electrifying, but it did not cause the stadium's power outage that followed shortly after, according to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

    Goodell today talked at a press conference about last night's power outage at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans that killed lights, darkened the scoreboard, halted escalators and knocked out air conditioning shortly after the start of the third quarter, delaying the game for 34 minutes.

    "There's no indication at all that this was caused by the halftime show," Goodell said. "Absolutely none. I know that's been out there, to say that Beyonce's halftime show had anything to do with it. That's not the case from anything we have at this point. "

    Doug Thornton of SMG , the Superdome's management company, also spoke at Monday's press conference with Goodell and said the halftime show was on a separate generator and wasn't drawing power from stadium

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  • 2 women survive ordeal along Indiana rail bridge
    2 women survive ordeal along Indiana rail bridge

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) — A video camera captured the terrifying plight of two women as a freight train bore down on them as they walked along an 80-foot-high railroad bridge in Indiana.

  • The insane process of connecting the world through undersea Internet cables
    The insane process of connecting the world through undersea Internet cables

    We’ve oohed and ahhed over interactive maps that detail the world’s mysterious network of undersea Internet cables, but a new report over at Builtvisible is taking things to an entirely new depth. The exhaustive account looks at the entire history of the process, ranging from experiments in the 1840s to a rash of undersea surveillance taps in the 1970s. Today, there are 263 active cables that carry upwards of 95 percent of global Internet traffic, with 22 new drops planned for the coming years. Hungry for a few more nuggets from the report? Underwater cables carried 51 billion gigabytes of data per month in 2013, and that figure is expected to swell to 132 billion gigabytes in 2018. While 10

  • Carnage in war-torn Gaza as strike hits packed market
    Carnage in war-torn Gaza as strike hits packed market

    They had ventured out in their hundreds to stock up on provisions during a rare lull in the fighting in Gaza, and were crowded into Shejaiya market when Wednesday's explosions hit. "We've been here for four hours waiting to buy bread.


    DEAR ABBY: I'm a 21-year-old man who has been a successful swimmer in high school and now in college. Over the past few months, I have become obsessed with developing six-pack abs. I have never had much success with women, and I thought that looking like a movie star might finally get me noticed and make me feel good about myself. As a result, I have become obsessive about my diet. I have dropped 10 pounds, mostly muscle, and my performance in the pool has suffered. ...

  • ABC Goes Inside Gaza With an Israeli Armored Unit
    ABC Goes Inside Gaza With an Israeli Armored Unit

    ABC's Terry Moran Embedded With Israeli Unit Checking Out a Gaza Tunnel

  • Do you have what it takes to be a millionaire?
    Do you have what it takes to be a millionaire?

    Author Jaime Tardy interviewed over 130 millionaires to find out what makes them tick and sets them apart from the rest of us.

  • This tiny Android projector puts an 80-inch touchscreen on your wall
    This tiny Android projector puts an 80-inch touchscreen on your wall

    TouchPico is an Android-powered pico projector that’s about the same size as the Galaxy S4, and it can turn any surface, including a wall, into a touch-friendly 80-inch screen. With 28 days left in its Indiegogo campaign, the TouchPico has already raised more than $96,000 in pledges, topping its $55,000 funding goal. The trick component of the TouchPico that turns it into projector with a touchscreen display is the special infrared stylus accessory, whose movements are captured by the projector’s camera and turned into actions on the projected screens. In addition to working like a touch-enabled Android desktop, or a large tablet, the TouchPico also lets users project content from other devices on a wall, including Macs and PCs. The device

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