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  • Bones Found in Yard Bought on eBay

    What was supposed to be a response to a call about a trespasser in Pasadena, Calif., took an unusual twist when police found an altar with human bones in a backyard, and now they are investigating how they were sold on eBay.

    Pasadena police responded to the 800 block of North Oakland Avenue on Sunday after a woman living in the home reported an individual trespassing on her property.

    "The officers went there on a whole different call. When they checked the area there was a makeshift altar that included some bones," Lt. Terysa Rojas with the Pasadena Police Department Crimes Against Person's division told ABC News. "The coroner determined them to be human bones."

    According to Rojas, the woman cooperated with police and was interviewed while the bones were turned over to the coroner's office.

    Investigators say the altar serves a religious purpose for the woman living in the home, more specifically a West African and Caribbean religion known as Santeria. However, throughout

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  • Black Bears Re-Released in the Wild

    When Cheryl and Tom Millham went to an AM/PM convenience store in Lake Tahoe, Calif. last summer, they ended up rescuing a couple of bear cubs.

    The Millhams responded to a call to rescue the two baby bears from a man who was allegedly trying to poach them for money outside the store. They took the two black bears, which weighed 15 pounds each, to the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care animal rehabilitation facility, where she's the executive director and he's secretary/treasurer.

    "The man claimed the mother bear came and started taking his groceries, so he shot her," Cheryl Millham said. "He said he was going to save their lives by selling the cubs so since we are the only agency in California, we were called to come and rescue the bears before they were illegally sold."

    The two baby bears (a male and a female) were rescued more than seven months ago, and are now 90 and 55 pounds respectively. They have just been released back into the wild with a clean bill of health.

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  • Biden's Advice - 'Buy a Shotgun'

    Amid a national debate on gun control Vice President Biden is viewed as the Democratic party's point-man on strengthening the limits of firearm ownership.

    But in an online town-hall discussion today, Biden was flooded with inquiries from those less inclined to agree with his party's push to ban high capacity magazines and assault weapons. "Parents" magazine hosted the event, taking submitted questions from readers.

    One participant asked the vice president how he reconciled a ban on assault weapons with those already in the hands of criminals.

    "How can say this politely?" Biden responded. "The Constitution does allow the government to conclude that there are certain types of weapons that no one can legally known. Now, if that were not the case, then you should be able to go buy a flame-thrower that the military has. You should be able to go, if you're a billionaire, buy an F-15 [jet fighter] loaded with ordnance. You should be able to buy an M1 tank. You should be able to buy

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