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  • App Name: Pinterest

    Price: Free

    Available Platforms: iOS (iPad and iPhone), Android

    What does it do? This image-based sharing app allows users to select, or "pin," visual items and place them into virtual bulletin boards, a perfect way to categorize your favorite things, such as artists you like, or all those muscle cars you dream of owning one day, and then share them with friends. The iPad, iPhone, and Android apps launched a week ago and gives you the flexibility to pin from anywhere you are whenever you wish.

    The layout is simple, displaying tiled images that cascade in columns down the screen. You can swipe from left to right as you browse, and a menu button on the top left-hand corner provides you with categories of pins from which to choose, such as architecture, food and drink, and animals. When you tap on an image, you can like it, "repin" it to one of your own boards, or share it with others using your Facebook,

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  • $60M for a High School Football Stadium? (ABC News)
    To say that football is a big deal in Texas is a bit like saying it snows in Alaska.

    "There's a long tradition in both film and novels of how important high school football is in Texas," said Tom Palaima, a professor at the University of Texas, Austin, and a former representative of the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics, a faculty organization that monitors sports expenditures on college campuses.

    Friday Night Lights, anyone?

    Still, it's hard to imagine that a high school would invest $59.6 million in its football stadium. But that's precisely the cost of the sparkling new Eagle stadium at Allen High School, in Allen, Texas, a Dallas suburb. The stadium - which boasts a video scoreboard, artificial turf, a multi-level press box, a weight room, a wrestling room and seats for 18,000 - opened Thursday with a pep rally and introduction of the 2012 team. The new season begins on Aug. 31.

    While students and their parents seem to be thrilled with it,

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  • Missouri Troopers Escort Driver in Runaway Car

    An Iowa woman driving on Interstate 35 in Missouri on Sunday had the accelerator in her 2011 Kia Sorrento become stuck, leaving her barreling down the highway at more than 100 MPH, police said.

    Lori Ubelstad, who police said was in her 40s, told police that she initially called her husband to ask for guidance when she realized her car was speeding out of control and her brakes weren't working. But her husband's suggestions didn't work, so she dialed 911.

    The 911 operator contacted Missouri State Highway Patrol and two troopers were sent to help. One trooper started trailing the runaway car while the other trooper managed traffic in front of the vehicle.

    The 911 operator was feeding her advice from State Highway Patrol officers the entire time, but nothing she tried worked. Police said her brakes burned out and her gearbox failed and she couldn't remove the key because the car uses a push to start ignition.

    "Every [steering wheel] correction is more subtle when you are going

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