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  • A Boston mother holding her 4-year-old son in her arms walked right off  a subway platform during rush hour and fell face-first onto the tracks, landing dangerously close to the high-voltage third rail.

    Two good Samaritans quickly jumped to the tracks to save her and her son before a train came through the station.

    Surveillance video posted onto YouTube captured the woman as she stepped off the platform and took a shocking tumble with her small son onto the tracks Wednesday just before 6 p.m. at Cambridge's Kendall Square Station outside Boston,

    Meera Thakrar, 36, from Attleboro, Mass., told an MBTA Red Line Inspector that she mistook the northbound train, which had just arrived on the platform across the tracks, for the southbound train that she was waiting for, according to the statement.

    “I thought the train was right on this platform but it was on the platform," Thakrar told ABC News’ affiliate WCVB-TV. “It was real stupid of me.”

    Two commuters, who were waiting

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  • Brett Cohen isn't your typical 21-year-old, at least not according to the tourists in New York City's Time Square on July 27.

    Cohen is now "famous" after pulling a huge prank on the city, posing as a celebrity and wandering the streets of Manhattan.

    Courtesy Brett CohenAccompanied by two bodyguards he hired on Craigslist, as well as three cameramen and four photographers acting as his own paparazzi, he attracted a huge fan following and caused quite a stir in response to what he calls his "social experiment."

    "It was a social experiment. It confirms the theory of how our culture is so obsessed with celebrity and fame," Cohen told ABC News.

    Cohen recorded the entire experience and posted the video on YouTube on Aug. 21. It went viral almost overnight. He said the entire idea originated from a simple conversation he had with one of his best friends.

    "I said, 'Hey, wouldn't it be cool if we did this?' joking around. What would we need to pull off a stunt like this, never thinking we would or

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  • Naked Prince Harry Photos: British Media Shy Away

    The story of Prince Harry's strip billiards may be splashed all over the British papers, but the normally scandal-hungry tabloids have, so far, decided not to publish the photos of the naked royal in a Las Vegas hotel room. In fact, not a single newspaper or broadcaster has shown the photos yet.

    St. James's Palace has warned that any media organization that runs the photos would risk violating the prince's privacy. Great Britain has a self-regulatory code for the press that says individuals are entitled to a "reasonable expectation of privacy."

    The Sun newspaper has had to make do by showing a mock-up on its front page, showing a reporter recreating the scene.

    So why the reticence to run the photos that have already attracted millions of hits to the TMZ website that first published them? After all, newspaper editors in Britain could have argued that publishing the images is in the public interest because Prince Harry is a military officer and third in

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