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  • "Inside Syria: The Battle for Damascus" Reports to Air Across ABC News Broadcasts and Platforms Beginning February 18

    "Nightline" anchor Terry Moran takes a rare journey into Syria's embattled capital of Damascus to give viewers a close-up view of what is happening inside the war-torn country. His reports will cover why the outcome of Syria's civil war matters to the stability of the region and the national security of the United States. Syria is certain to be one of the main issues on the agenda for President Obama's trip to the Middle East next month and Secretary of State John Kerry has said he will be discussing Syria's civil war during his first overseas trip in the coming weeks.

    Moran will report " Inside Syria: The Battle for Damascus" for all ABC News broadcasts and platforms. His first report aired Monday, February 18 on "World News with Diane Sawyer."

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  • Gas Price Surge Harms Economy

    Morning Business Memo:

    The rapid rise in gas prices has become a growing problem for the economy and stock market. The U.S. Energy Department releases its latest gas price survey today, and it's expected to show another spike. The AAA says prices at the pumps have been up 32 days in a row. The nationwide average for regular is now around $3.70 a gallon, a rise of about 40 cents in the past month.

    Rising gas prices can mean less consumer spending on other things. "Gasoline prices close to four dollars a gallon would start to do real damage," says Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's Analytics. "We're still not quite there yet, got a ways to go, but anything close to four dollars, that would hurt." Gas prices usually start to rise at this time of year as refineries prepare for reformulated summer gas. But the gas price increase is larger and the change is earlier than normal

    Here's the latest sign of growing problems for many brick-and-mortar retailers. OfficeMax and Office

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  • Sean Lowe narrowed his search for love on Monday's episode of "The Bachelor," sending home contestant Desiree Hartsock after going on hometown dates with the four remaining women vying for his heart.

    He met their families and took questions from four sets of parents. In each case, he told the parents of Lindsay Yenter, AshLee Frazier, Desiree Hartsock and Catherine Guidice that their daughters were special to him.

    There was some nervousness when Lowe met each family for the first time. Two of the dates - with Frazier's family in Houston and Yenter's family in Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. - went fairly smoothly and Lowe felt reassured. On his visit with Guidice's family in Seattle, her sisters' comments about her commitment and temperament caused him to have doubts.

    "I didn't anticipate them being so overly protective," Guidice told " Good Morning America." "I felt like I was defending my relationship."

    But things seemed to go very wrong when Lowe, an insurance agent

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