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  • Georgia Sheriff 'cancels' Valentine's Day

    Georgia residents knew they should prepare for the cancellation of flights, the cancellation of schools and the cancellation of work thanks to this week's snow and ice storm that drove the state to a halt.

    What they likely didn't expect was the cancellation of Valentine's Day.

    Not Done Yet: Another Snowstorm Wallops the Northeast

    In a post late Wednesday on the Oconee County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, which is updated by Sheriff Scott Berry and Chief Deputy Sheriff Lee Weems, the men of the 32,000-resident county got off the hook.

    "The Oconee County County Sheriffs Office announces that Valentines Day has been CANCELLED from a line North of I-16 to the Georgia/Tennessee border. Men who live in the designated "NO VALENTINES DAY ZONE" are exempt from having to run out and buy lottery scratchers and Hershey bars from the corner stores until February 18, 2014, due to ice, snow, freezing rain," read the post.

    WATCH LIVE: Winter Storm Watch Radar

    The post received more

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  • Bigfoot is real, and now at least one scientist claims there is proof.

    A group of Sasquatch researchers who have been collecting over 100 pieces of evidence over the past five years screened "never before seen HD video" of the alleged creature at a news conference in Dallas on Tuesday.

    The footage, which came from a similar effort dubbed The Erickson Project, led by Adrian Erickson, included what the group said was a sasquatch moving through wooded areas in Kentucky.

    Dr. Melba Ketchum, who has led the group of researchers called the Sasquatch Genome Project, has been working on a $500,000 analysis of DNA samples from an unknown hominin species. Ketchum calls the project "a serious study" that concludes the legendary Sasquatch exists in North America and is a human relative that arose approximately 13,000 years ago.

    "They're a type of people, they're a human-hybrid, we believe. And all of the DNA evidence points to that. And they can elude us, so if you get [footage] at all, it

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  • A 26-year-old woman's 88-pound weight loss has gone viral after a Reddit user created a time-lapse GIF that shows the woman's body transformation in just five seconds.

    Amanda, who asked that her last name not be used, began taking photos of herself in 2011 as a way to stay on track when she committed to losing weight.

    "I knew that I had to start somewhere," Amanda told ABC News. "I figured if I did it [took pictures] at least once a month, at the end of however long it took, I would have this really cool end product."

    Amanda started weighing 222 pounds. By eating a high-protein diet, controlling her portions and doing moderate exercise, Amanda lost the 88 pounds in one year and has kept it off.

    "I don't think I was actually prepared for the amount of emotional investment," Amanda said. "People bare their souls when they want to take back their health."

    Her gallery of weight-loss photos garnered nearly three million views online and inspired a fellow Reddit user to create the GIF that has

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  • Google social networking boss Gundotra leaving company

    By Alexei Oreskovic SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google Inc's head of social networking services, Vic Gundotra, is leaving the Internet search company, he said on Thursday, three years after overseeing the launch of the Google+ social network. Gundotra, who has worked at Google for eight years, announced the move in a Google+ post. "We pour our heart and soul into our work and it becomes something we love and cherish," Gundotra wrote.

  • Palestinians to consider 'all options' in response to Israel 
    Palestinians to consider 'all options' in response to Israel 

    Ramallah (Palestinian Territories) (AFP) - The Palestinians are considering "all options" in response to Israel's decision to halt peace talks and punish the Palestinian Authority over its unity deal with Hamas, an official said Thursday. “The Palestinian leadership will look into all options to respond to Israeli government decisions against the PA,” senior Palestinian official Saeb Erakat told AFP. “The priority now for the Palestinians is reconciliation and national unity,” he added. On Wednesday, the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) -- internationally recognised as the sole representative of the Palestinian people -- and Islamist rulers of the Gaza Strip Hamas signed a reconciliation agreement.

  • Tori Spelling Not 'Comfortable' With Dean Moving Back In
    Tori Spelling Not 'Comfortable' With Dean Moving Back In

    Viewers got a glimpse into Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's marital woes on the premiere of their new docuseries, "True Tori" on Tuesday night - and it was a doozy. The new show began with Tori explaining why she chose to let cameras document such a personal and difficult time in her life, and she recalled her initial disbelief over rumors Dean had an affair with a woman in Toronto.

  • Ferry Diver Describes Searching Inside Dark, Capsized Ship
    Ferry Diver Describes Searching Inside Dark, Capsized Ship

    Water is Murky and Current is Strong, Scuba Diver Says

  • New date for first lady's Kansas graduation speech
    New date for first lady's Kansas graduation speech

    TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Michelle Obama is rearranging plans for a speech before graduating high school seniors in Kansas in the face of protests that her appearance at a combined graduation ceremony for five schools would limit seating for families and friends.

  • Nevada rancher Bundy condemned for racist remarks

    LAS VEGAS (AP) — A Nevada rancher at the center of a national feud with the federal government over cattle grazing is facing sharp criticism for racist comments he made that were published in a New York Times article.

  • The 'social photo frame' that helps generations connect
    The 'social photo frame' that helps generations connect

    Social media is great for sharing photos with loved ones, but what about friends and family members who don't have online profiles? A new ‘social photo frame' could be the answer. Famatic is a touchscreen digital photo frame which connects to Facebook, Instagram and email accounts and streams uploaded photos and videos automatically.

  • 'HIMYM' spin-off picks up Meg Ryan
    'HIMYM' spin-off picks up Meg Ryan

    The actress has agreed to be the narrator of "How I Met Your Dad," the spin-off on CBS's hit show "How I Met Your Mother," reports. Meg Ryan will provide the off-screen narration in one of the most anticipated pilots of the coming season. This means that the Hollywood actress will voice an older version of Sally, the central character of the spin-off, played by Greta Gerwig. Like Bob Saget, who provided the voice of the future version of Ted in the original series, Ryan will not appear on screen.

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