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  • Breast Implants, Kitten Left at Hotel

    Forgetting your phone charger at your hotel is one thing. Forgetting your breast implants? Well, that's quite another.

    A set of breast implants was one of the unusual items left behind by hotel guests at U.K. hotel chain Travelodge in 2012. Some of the other forgotten items included a Persian Chinchilla kitten worth about $975.

    The kitty was staying at the Birmingham Airport Travelodge while participating in a cat show. The hotel chain says "the owner was in such a dash to get to the show that she forgot the cat box containing Porsha. En-route to the venue she realized as the car journey was very quiet. Luckily Porsha was having a nap and did not realize that her owner had left her behind."

    Porsha wasn't the only animal left behind. A guest who was attending a fish festival in the area of the Brighton Seafront Travelodge left behind a bucket of live crabs. At the Bristol Severn View property, a pet python named Monty was forgotten.

    Percy the micro

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  • SEOUL, South Korea - Experts on North Korea have long studied photos of the country's leaders trying to interpret the significance in the slightest change of body language, pose or position of hierarchy.

    That intense scrutiny has now been turned on the wife of Kim Jong-Un in a celebrity-like guessing game about whether she had been pregnant and may have given birth. Or whether she simply gained weight and lost it again.

    North Korea's first lady Ri Sul-Ju is believed to already have one child.

    The secretive North Korean government has not confirmed any of these speculations.

    The rumor mill started when North Korea's Central News Agency released photos taken on Oct. 29 at a musical performance. Ri was wearing a long yellow knit jacket with a feminine bow on her stomach and the little tummy bump has raised questions: did she gain weight or is she pregnant?

    It was difficult to tell but taking into account her fashion statement

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  • At age 33, Missy Hendricks has spent her entire lifetime at war with her weight.

    "My maiden name was Blinkenship and they'd call me 'Battle Ship' and that just stuck in my head," Hendricks told ABC News.

    By the age of 20, Hendricks weighed nearly 300 pounds.

    When her new husband began to cheat within a year of their marriage, Hendricks turned again to food for comfort.

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    "I would eat a whole box of Honey Combs [cereal], the family size, just because I was mad at him," she said. "I felt that I wasn't good enough."

    Hendricks divorced her husband but the pain of his infidelity caused her to binge, nearly doubling her weight. Three years later, at age 23, the newly-single Hendricks carried 526 pounds on her 5'8? frame.

    "I felt unwanted and I didn't want to be unwanted for the rest of my life, so I had to change," she said.

    Hendricks began to follow the Atkins diet and

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