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  • Boy Who Ate Walls Gets 'Inedible' Room

    After Zach Tahir started to snack on the plaster from his bedroom walls, his mother, Rachel Horn, had an idea for a perfect present for his sixth birthday, an "inedible" bedroom.

    Tahir suffers from pica, a condition that is defined as a pattern of eating non-food materials. In addition to eating plaster, he has also eaten blinds, stones, moss and paper.

    To pay for the new room, Horn was given £26,000 from her local government council for her son's disability and then raised an additional £10,000 through fundraising and an extensive twitter campaign that featured local celebrities from the UK television show "Coronation Street."

    Horn says that Tahir, who is also autistic, enjoys the sensation of eating textured items such as something excessively crunchy, but Horn has been unsuccessful in substituting safe food items for his favorite non-food treats.

    "Bless him, for Zach it has to be the real thing," Horn told

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  • Inside View on New Google Glass

    Google has been showing off its glasses or its Project Glass for nearly a year now, but we haven't seen much about what it looks like when you put on the futuristic, Internet-connected glasses that show digital information right in front of your eyes, projected over the physical world. Until today that is.

    Google has launched a new website and a series of videos which show off features of the glasses - or what it is now officially calling Glass. As you can see in the video below, the glasses can be controlled with your voice and then a small box appears in the right hand corner of the glasses showing the software.

    For instance, you can tell Glass to record a video or search for photos of tigers. Even more impressive seems to be the navigation functionality. You can tell Glass where you want to go and it will show a 3D navigation view in the corner. The video also shows what happens when you get a message - it pops up with the photo of

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  • Reports to Air Across all Broadcast and Platforms Beginning Wednesday, February 20

    ABC News anchor David Muir is on the ground inside Iran reporting for all ABC News broadcasts and platforms. Muir will report from the streets of Tehran revealing the effects of Washington's tightening sanctions on Iran.

    Muir's reports come as Iran is expected to return to the negotiating table for crucial talks over its nuclear ambitions with the United States and others. Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei spoke out recently rejecting the idea of direct talks with the U.S. saying if America wants "to point the gun at the people of Iran and say, negotiate or we will shoot… you should know that the Iranian nation is not intimidated by these things." Iran will be a central issue discussed during President Obama's upcoming trip to Israel.

    Muir's reporting will air throughout the week across all ABC News broadcasts beginning with " Good Morning America" and "

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