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  • New Film Investigates Rape in Pakistan

    A 13-year-old says she got raped by four men, her country wants her to die: That's the saga of Kainat Soomro, who's been fighting for justice in Pakistan for four years.

    Since Soomro's alleged rape, she and her relatives have lived in fear that a Pakistani tribunal will order her parents to carry out an honor killing on the grounds that being raped brings shame to the family - something that happens frequently in Pakistani rape cases. Her parents refused to accept that fate. They hired an attorney, made court appeals, and appeared on TV in an effort to bring her alleged rapists to light.

    They've suffered in the process: The family had to move, Soomro's father and brother were beaten by the alleged rapists, and her older brother, Sabir, went missing for three months and was later found murdered.

    Soomro's struggle inspired a documentary, "Outlawed in Pakistan," which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last month and will air on PBS' "Frontline" this spring.

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  • New UK Website Customizes Cadbury Bars

    Wishing your chocolate Valentine's gift could really say something? It can if you live in the U.K., thanks to Cadbury's newest website, Joyville Made.

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    The site let's you personalize the wrapping on your candy bar, starting by selecting the size of your bar, either the 40 chunk or 64 chunk version. The smaller bar costs 5.25 pounds ($8.00) and the larger bar costs 7.23 pounds ($11.00) An additional cost of delivery ranges from 3.95 to 5.50 pounds ($6-$8.) The pricier delivery option lets you choose a specific date starting on Monday, February 11.

    Once a bar is selected you can add a tag with your name and who the gift is for, a photo and a short 10-letter note on the front.

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    The site also lets you create a web card that can include a

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  • A Dallas woman has sued a national fitness company, alleging two employees sexually harassed her during personal training sessions.

    Jamie Johnson filed a lawsuit against Fitness International LLC, which does business under the name LA Fitness, after the company denied her requests for a full refund after she told them she had been subjected to sexually explicit comments by two personal trainers.

    Johnson joined the gym at the end of 2011, and paid for additional personal training sessions. Her attorney, Chase Laws, said her first trainer was great, but things quickly went wrong with her second trainer.

    "He started by making inappropriate comments to her," Laws told ABC News. "Not exactly offensive language directed at her, but inappropriate things about his lifestyle, sexual activities, things like that."

    At one point, the trainer had Johnson perform certain exercises so he "could 'watch her boobs,'" according to the lawsuit filed in Dallas County Court last month. He

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