Family Goes Missing In Florida

An entire family from Edgewater, Fla., is missing in a case that has local law enforcement puzzled.

Karen Burger, 57, along with her daughter, son-in-law and grandson, have not been seen since July of this year, according to police.

Burger’s elderly father, Maxwell Lee, initially reported his daughter as missing in August although she had not been seen for nearly a month prior.

The case is complicated by Burger’s alleged drug-abuse problem, according to a police bulletin.

After authorities began to investigate Burger’s disappearance in the fall, they realized that her daughter, Christina Hilgefort, son-in-law, Allen Hilgefort, and their two-year-old son had also disappeared, possibly around the same time that Burger went missing.

Burger was last seen at the All-Suite Motel in Edgewater, where her daughter and son-in-law were staying, on July 25.

After Christina and Allen Hilgefort checked out a few days later on July 28, they also disappeared.

Bank accounts for all three have remained untouched and they have had no known contact with anyone since July, police said.

The manager of the All-Suite Motel, Francis Mills, is baffled by the disappearances. She didn’t notice anything particularly worrying about the family, she said, except for how they paid.

“We didn’t think anything about them except that didn’t have money and [Lee] would come in every day and pay for their room,” said Mills.

Det. Sgt. Eugene Griffin, who is investigating the case, told My Fox in Orlando that lack of information on multiple people was particularly troubling.

“We’re basically missing an entire family,” Griffin told My Fox. “We don’t know if they’re in Florida still or if they’ve left the state, or if they’re just in another city.”