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Most Wanted Deadbeat Dad Arrested

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Most Wanted Deadbeat Dad Arrested

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Most Wanted Deadbeat Dad Arrested (ABC News)

The man known as the Most Wanted Deadbeat Dad in the United States was arrested today in Los Angeles after years on the lam in southeast Asia.

Robert Sand, originally from Nassau County, New York, rose through the ranks of the U.S. Inspector General's Office's "Most Wanted Deadbeat" list by failing to pay millions of dollars in mandatory child support payments, according to information from the office.

Sand owes more than $1.2 million in child support for his three children from two marriages, according to the office. He was first ordered to pay child support in 1996.

Warrants for Sand's arrest were issued in 2000, 20002, and 2010, after he failed to pay the money, but Sand eluded federal officials for years until this week, according to authorities.

After moving from New York to Florida, and then to Thailand, Sand was finally arrested by authorities at Los Angeles International Airport after a flight from the Philippines. He had previously been arrested for using a fake British passport in Thailand.

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