Infographic: Top Marketing Goals and Challenges for 2014

Marketers plan to spend 75% more on mobile in the coming year, says new survey.

What goals and challenges are top-of-mind for marketers as they’re planning for 2014? Mobile marketing and measuring ROI are two big ones, according to this week’s infographic.

It’s based on a recent survey by Web Marketing 1|2|3, where more than 500 B2C and B2B marketers were asked about their top objectives, budget priorities, and biggest obstacles in the new year. The survey even ferreted out their most-hated buzzwords (“Synergy” and “KPI” made the list).

Some key stats on what’s shaping next year's marketing plans:

Top objectives:

  • 40% of B2C marketers say driving sales

  • 42% of B2B marketers say generating leads

Top challenges:

  • 33% don’t know which digital channel generates the most revenue

  • 88% lack a clear understanding of social marketing ROI

Top investments:

  • 63% will spend more on content

  • 75% will spend more on mobile

For more details, see the entire infographic. For a look at 2013 marketing highlights that impact 2014 planning, see “Water Cooler Talk: What Trend or Technology Changed Advertising for the Better in 2013?” and “Video: Top 13 Enhancements for Search Advertisers in 2013.” Happy New Year!