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  • Stopping Al-Qaeda With the Click of a Mouse?

    When five of the most trafficked Islamic jihadist websites went down in late March and into April, it derailed Al-Qaeda's ability to communicate and post information to supporters.

    The Internet is a vital tool for terrorists to spread propaganda around the world, share instructions on how to build bombs, and even raise money, all the while staying relatively anonymous.

    So when the sites go down for an extended period of time it's a major setback in their pursuit of global Jihad. Not only does it cut off communication, it gives the international community the impression that they're behind in Internet technology.

    American authorities and other western governments have denied any involvement, even though they would seem to have the most incentive to shut down the sites. However, monitoring Al-Qaeda's online communication gives the American military insight into the psyche and technical ability of terrorists- information that they wouldn't otherwise have access to.

    For insight into the

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  • North Korea: The Impossible State

    It was only early March when North Korea agreed to halt nuclear and missile testing in return for 240,000 metric tons of food assistance from the United States.

    Just a month later, the offer of food is in doubt and North Korea is set to launch a long-range rocket to put a satellite into orbit. The United States has condemned the launch as a violation of their agreement.

    North Korea believes there's a clear difference between a ballistic missile launch and a satellite launch, but US negotiators are holding firm that they were very clear that there is no distinction between the two.

    While the Obama administration played down the significance of the initial deal as simply a first step in rebuilding the frayed relationship between the United States and North Korea, there was a lot of hope that the agreement signified change under the new leadership.

    "But," According to Victor Cha, "given where we are in the situation today, it doesn't look like it's going to be a lot different, in fact

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  • ATW Named Webby Award Honoree

    "Around the World with Christiane Amanpour" has been named an honoree for the 2012 Webby Award for 'News and Politics' coverage. Congratulations to our fellow honorees in this important category.


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