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The Global Epidemic the U.S. Forgot

Like a brush fire, The HIV/AIDS epidemic has spread across the world over the last 30 years, picking up steam in certain areas and losing steam in others. Why?

While rates of infection in Western nations have gone down, there has been an explosion of cases in sub-Saharan Africa, India, China and parts of Russia.

In this two week Around the World special, Christiane Amanpour takes an in depth look at the illness that has defined an era, a disease that strikes fear in all of us.

This week we speak with Craig Timberg, Author of "Tinderbox: How the West Sparked the AIDS epidemic and how the World Can Finally Overcome It". In this intriguing book Timberg and co-author Daniel Halperin challenge many of the established believes held by the international health community on what works and what doesn't in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

In the book, Timberg and Halperin question, among other things, the effectiveness of condoms in preventing the spread of the disease, and the potentially negative impact of Western intervention in African nations where AIDS rates are high.

This week's show takes a looks at the big picture of HIV/AIDS. Next week we look at the disease through the eyes of three individuals fighting on the front line. They'll share their unique stories as they battle this vicious illness.

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    10 Things to Know for Today

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    Separatists backed by Russian soldiers have entered the town of Novoazovsk in southeastern Ukraine, a pro-government militia fighter said on Thursday. A military source said the separatist forces had also taken Savur-Mohyla, a hill east of Donetsk which gives strategic command over large areas of the territory. The sudden reverses for the Ukrainian military appeared to confirm the arrival of Russian forces to support the separatists, who have in recent weeks been under pressure from government forces in their strongholds of Donetsk and Luhansk, the east's two main cities.

  • We are about to find out if our universe really is a hologram
    We are about to find out if our universe really is a hologram

    What could be the most important scientific experiment of our lifetime is about to begin. The so-called Holometer Experiment at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory aims to determine whether our perception of a three-dimensional universe is just an illusion. Do we actually live on a 2D plane, as a holographic projection? There is a well-established theory that states we are indeed living in a hologram, with a pixel size of about 10 trillion trillion times smaller than an atom. This has certain implications, some of which are quite sinister, even unspeakably horrific. The argument about the nature of the universe hinges on something that 99.99% of people are not able to comprehend even on the most superficial level — namely,

  • IMF chief charged with 'negligence' over graft case
    IMF chief charged with 'negligence' over graft case

    IMF chief Christine Lagarde, one of the world's most powerful women, announced Wednesday she had been charged with "negligence" over a multi-million-euro graft case relating to her time as French finance minister. The shock announcement came a day after she was grilled for more than 15 hours by a special court in Paris that probes ministerial misconduct, the fourth time she has been questioned in a case that has long weighed upon her position as managing director of the International Monetary Fund. "The investigating commission of the court of justice of the French Republic has decided to place me under formal investigation," she said in exclusive comments to AFP. In France, being placed under formal investigation is the nearest equivalent to being charged, and happens when an examining magistrate has decided there is a case to be answered.

  • Time Warner Cable says outages largely resolved
    Time Warner Cable says outages largely resolved

    Time Warner Cable said Wednesday that service was largely restored after a problem during routine maintenance caused a nationwide outage of its Internet service for hours. The company said it is still ...

  • Hurricane Cristobal seen passing west of rain-lashed Bermuda

    By Daniel Wallis MIAMI (Reuters) - Hurricane Cristobal is expected to pass well west of Bermuda on Wednesday, where a tropical storm watch is in effect and heavy rain is likely, the National Hurricane Center said. Centered about 425 miles (685 km) west of Bermuda, Cristobal was moving north at 12 miles per hour (19 km per hour) with maximum sustained winds of 80 mph (130 kph), the NHC said. "Cristobal has a large wind field.

  • Brazilian Town Run by Women Is Looking for a Few Good (Single) Men
    Brazilian Town Run by Women Is Looking for a Few Good (Single) Men

    I'm sure many men have dreamed of an island completely populated by exotic women, available to fulfill their every desire. Of course, fantasy is fantasy, but what if it were reality? In a certain regard, it is — in Noiva do Cordeiro, Brazil. It's a scenic rural town in the hills outside of Belo Horizante with one big quirk, or perk, depending on whom you talk to. This Brazilian town is inhabited and governed almost entirely by women, its population consisting of more than 600 mostly single women aged 20 to 25. Sons are sent away at 18, and spouses are banned from the town except on weekends.

  • Samsung unveils smartwatch that can make calls

    Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Thursday unveiled what it said was the first smartwatch capable of making and receiving calls without a mobile phone nearby, in the South Korean firm's latest effort to find a new growth driver. Samsung is hardly alone in pushing wearables, which have yet to catch on with consumers. Rival Apple Inc is expected to launch its own device this year and LG Electronics Inc on Thursday announced its new G Watch R smartwatch featuring a circular plastic OLED screen, a stainless steel frame and leather strap. Samsung's new smartwatch, called the Gear S, differs from its predecessors with a bigger 2-inch (5 cm) curved display and offers features like WiFi connectivity, pedestrian navigation and a built-in GPS.