Petraeus: Inside the Mind of a Modern Warrior

In "All In: The Education of General David Petraeus," author Paula Broadwell was given unique access to the former United States Army General and current CIA director while embedded with his soldiers for a year in Afghanistan.

What she found was a very driven and ambitious leader, determined to succeed even under the most difficult and life threatening circumstance.

"We do show I think a number of aspects of his leadership style," Broadwell says. "his willingness to go all in for the job, to serve the nation and his leaders is one side we show in the book."

Broadwell also tried to take advantage of her long term access to show the personal side of the general who spent 10 years as a war commander, managing the burdens of theater.

"You know, he doesn't take casualties very easily." She says. "One thing I got to observe when I was in Afghanistan is just how difficult it is for him and other commanders to deal with the bad news on a constant basis."