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  • Dreams Come To Life, On Paper

    ABC News at Beyond The Headline6 days ago

    Just because a child has a life threatening illness, he or she still has the ability to dream. In many cases, time isn't in their favor for these dreams or fantasies to come true. That's where photographer Shawn Van Daele comes in.

    Sick children draw Shawn a picture imagining where they would like to be and he takes care of the rest through his graphic visual imagery and photography. Van Daele says, "I try to match it as much as I can to actually the drawing they send me. So, when they see it and compare it to their drawing, they aren't going to be able to believe it actually came to life. I just wanted to get the idea out there that anything's possible despite what life throws at you."

    While many kids envision themselves to be superheros or have the ability to fly, another child had a different request. Her illness prevented her from going out into the sun and Shawn gave her the ability to be a butterfly, flying through the sunny sky filled with sunflowers!.

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