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9-Year-Old Outsmarts the TSA

Beyond The Headline

How does a 9-year-old kid manage to outsmart the security system at one of the nation’s largest airports?

This all started on Thursday when a 9-year-old runaway Minneapolis boy decided to take himself to the airport without a boarding pass or ticket.

He stood in the TSA security line, made it past a security screening, and then walked right through the terminal to Delta flight 1651 to Las Vegas.

The kid then manages to get onto the plane, and not until halfway through the flight did the flight attendants realize he wasn’t on their passenger list, and called police who met them at the airport in Las Vegas.

The child is in protective custody and authorities are talking to his parents, who apparently didn’t know their child went on this joyride.

Police say he had been at the airport the day before. Apparently he took someone’s luggage from the carousel and then had lunch at an airport restaurant and took off without paying.

So of course the big question remains, what exactly went wrong? Both Delta and the TSA say they are working to figure out what changes, if any, need to be made.

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