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Farewell To Barbara Walters

Beyond The Headline

There can only be one Barbara Walters and now she’s saying farewell.

Since joining the ABC family in 1976, Walters has been a role model to broadcasters from around the world. She’s interviewed the crem de la crem. From Presidents to Hollywood’s elite to superstar athletes. Walters prided herself on doing her homework and asking as many questions as she could.

"I do so much homework, I know more about the person than he or she does about himself” but the real trick is, “You've got to know your questions, so you can throw them all away, if you have to."

The co-host and creator of "The View" announced last year that she was planning to say farewell to daily television, but that she'll stay on as executive producer of "The View." She will also contribute to ABC News as news warrants. During the final episode on "The View" early today, Walters took a moment for a final thought:

"I want to be remembered as having inspired other young women to go into this business and to succeed. I've said it before and I mean it: They are my legacy," she said. "I have interviews I'm extremely proud of and some of them may even be one of a kind, but the lasting impact is the women who have, I hope, followed in my footsteps."

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