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Hunting 700 Pound Alligators In Mississippi

The Trammells are an everyday family from Mississippi, but the alligator they recently caught in the swamps of the Mississippi Delta looks it came from Jurassic Park. Weighing 723 pounds and spanning thirteen feet, the gator was a prized catch from this year’s Mississippi alligator hunt.

The Trammells wrangled this massive beast during Mississippi’s 10 day alligator hunt where 920 people were chosen and issued permits to catch two gators each.

Why are alligators in Mississippi so big? For years no one was allowed to hunt them and if left alone for long enough, alligators can grown up to 19 feet, the length of an average RV. So recently the state created a short hunting season to help control the population, and size, of local alligators.

Some people might wonder why you do This? “We eat the meat,” says Beth Trammell, “I don’t see it as any different from pre-packaged meat in the grocery store.”

Dustin Bockman is another gator hunter, “hunting an animal that’s 700 pounds, is something that can eat you, is pretty exciting.”

A lot of critics say this is a blood sport but these families say this is no different than hunting dear.

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