Beyond The Headline

Nation’s Top Lacrosse Duo: The Thompson Brothers

Beyond The Headline

Bo Jackson once said, "Set your goals high, and don't stop until you get there." And that's exactly what the Thompson brothers are doing. They're the top two college lacrosse players in the country. Most people would think they got here by playing in cut throat competitions throughout their high school careers while having college scouts fight over them. Well, it didn't go quite like that..

The Thompson brothers grew up on the Onondaga Native American Reservation, which is located in upstate New York just outside Syracuse. This is where they resided before they were given the chance to go to SUNY Albany to play lacrosse and receive an education return. It wasn't long after their admission that they began making headlines. What's their secret weapon? Aside from being on the road to mastering the sport, they speak their native language on the field which leaves their opponent helpless.

As the brothers both excel on the field, they do equally as well in their academics. While most people think the ultimate goal is to play professionally, which it is, the Thompsons hope their excellence on the field gives hope and opportunity to people back on the reservation.

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