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‘Real Money’: Tips to Save on NFL Tickets

Beyond The Headline

Do you think there’s any way that you can get to an NFL game without spending a lot of money? “Real Money” went to Dallas to show one family that you don’t need a budget the size of Texas to get your family into a pro football game.

Adina and Butch Harmon are lifelong fans of their beloved Cowboys.  On a particular Sunday, they’d like to go to the game, even take their grandkids, Erica and Caleb, but they know that the estimated $700 price tag would put their budget in the red zone.

We brought along Will Flaherty from the online ticket search engine to help the Harmon family get to the game without spiking their savings.

Tip #1:  Buy your tickets close to the game day on sites like for big savings, but sooner is not always better when you’re buying tickets.

“You want to buy close to the event,”  said Flaherty.  “We recommend waiting until about 3 days before the game. The tickets, like a loaf of bread or gallon of milk, has an expiration date and the expiration date is the time of the game.”

Tip #2: Buy your parking online and in advance on sites like and save as much as 70 percent. We found a $10 parking pass.

And, finally, tip #3: If your stadium allows, bring in your own snacks.

Using these tips, the Harmons were able to go to the game for just $143 - $35 per person - a savings of $557.

Don’t throw a hail Mary when it comes to bringing in outside food. While all stadiums are different, you want to make sure you call your stadium’s ticket office or security to determine what you can bring to the game.

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