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Are you Vulnerable to Obamacare Scammers?

Beyond The Headline

We’re looking at a story today about the rise in scams associated with the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. The Better Business Bureau tells us they’re getting calls every single day, so what are the scams? They’re phone calls, texts, emails and messages on social media. And they’re being done by fly-by-night operations, not your typical businesses, but operations that may be in business for only one day.

They’re reaching out to consumers of all different ages and essentially trying to sell them on the notion that they’re being contacted by Washington D.C.

Well the truth is, they’re not working for Washington D.C., they’re not working for you, they’re in it for themselves and they’re out to steal your identity.

The Affordable Care Act is open for enrollment on Oct. 1 and these scam businesses are using all the confusion surrounding that new enrollment date to try to confuse consumers as they reach out, and you’d be surprised who the Better Business Bureau is hearing from: Small business groups, individuals running their own companies, because for them, this act will have some of the most significant changes.

What can you do to protect yourself? Don’t respond, be the person that only seeks out your own information. You can go directly to the government at, but my favorite resource right now is from the Kaiser Family Foundation. They have a place on their website where you can calculate exactly the amount of money under the Affordable Care Act that you will need and you will get in enrollment and subsidies.

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