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(Photo: chusu / Flickr)

Darkness is a great equalizer, in many ways: Most cities look beautiful at night (from a distance, at least). But few are as striking as Hong Kong, especially if you get the chance to view it from one of the many hills surrounding this crowded, vibrant, colorful place. This view is from the Peak to Pok Fu Lam hike, easily accessible via bus or train. There’s even a tram that does most of the hard climbing work for you. Starting near the top of the hill, the trail winds through forest and open stretches, passing a couple viewpoints and an old military site along its way to the Pok Fu Lam Reservoir.

From this vantage point, one of the world’s most crowded places is stunningly juxtaposed against its verdant mountain backdrop. As the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s website puts it: “From viewing a forest of skyscrapers, you will hike into an actual forest.” Residents say that the proximity to outdoor recreation is one of the best things about life in Hong Kong.

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