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  • (Occupy Oakland)

    The violence that erupted during the Occupy Oakland protest on Tuesday night, like most events in the social media age, was captured on digital video cameras by protesters and news reporters. Footage of the confrontation between police officers and protestors has been uploaded and distributed online--via Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and blogs--in near-real-time. Like several other uprisings we've seen this year--including the revolution in Cairo--the Oakland clash was also streamed live, giving viewers an unfiltered glimpse at what was a choatic scene

    The Oakland Tribune covered the confrontation with a short video report on the mass arrests. The New York Times shot its own video from the street.

    Police used teargas to subdue hundreds of demonstrators, creating a fog that made the images seem even more dramatic. City officials said early Tuesday that 97 arrests were made among the estimated 1,000 protesters there.

    Occupy Oakland organizers linked to a livestream from a camera overlooking the plaza near city hall where the clashes occurred. The livestream was down briefly on Tuesday, but quickly returned.

    The AP put together highlights of the confrontation, which lasted several hours:

    So did ABC's "Good Morning America":

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  • Hastings (AP)

    It's safe to say that Netflix had a not-so-hot day in the investment world yesterday, with company shares plummeting on the news that it had lost some 800,000 U.S. subscribers during the third quarter. That number was 200,000 more than company brass expected--all part of an enormous a customer backlash against a recent subscription price hike.

    Despite yesterday's drubbing, some media outlets are characterizing the sell-off of Netflix stock as a knee-jerk reaction by Wall Street investors, arguing that Reed Hastings' DVD rental and streaming business is doing just fine.

    Below, just a small sample.


    It's way too soon to count Netflix out--although that hasn't stopped Wall Street from trying. Since announcing yesterday that it shed 810,000 net subscribers in the third quarter, the purveyor of DVDs-by-mail and video-by-streaming has been the goat of Wall Street. Its share price plunged 35 percent today, to $77.37, knocking a cool $2 billion or so off its market cap.

    All because Netflix's attempt to distance itself from its slowly dying DVD business in favor of instant and far more scalable video streaming has been rockier than anyone expected. While the company has made more than its share of mistakes, that doesn't change the fact that it's still got the right strategy, even if its execution has so far left a lot to be desired.

    Time's Techland:

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  • (Fox News)

    The rogue hacker group known as Anonymous posted a video on YouTube threatening to attack the Fox News website on Nov. 5 over the network's coverage of the Occupy protests.

    Fox has been "alienating the American people by propagating the left-right false-dichotomy," an electronic voiceover in the Anonymous video says, "promoting fear by exaggerating the threat of terrorist attacks, supporting the corporate astro-turfed Tea party and trying to pass it off as a grass roots movement, using derogatory language to describe the popular, real grass-roots Occupy movement, and covering up corporate corruption by forcing your employees to lie on the air."

    "By participating in an orchestrated attempt to misinform the general public you have chosen your side," the statement continues. "You claim to be fair and balanced, yet you have gone to court to protect your right to lie to the people. You have sacrificed your journalistic integrity to the dollar; unfortunately for you the dollar can not stop an idea whose time has come."

    The group encourages those wishing to participate in the attack to post a link to this video to "any and all" Fox News Facebook pages and websites.

    "You have been poisoning the minds of Americans far too long," the threat concludes. "We have been watching; we know your secrets. Americans are waking up to your treachery. Fox News will be made an example to all corporate media. You cannot hide from us. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. November 5th. Expect us!"

    When contacted by Yahoo! News, Fox News said that "keeping security is top of mind, so this day is no different."

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