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  • We at The Cutline are as burned out on the Anthony Weiner sexting saga as anyone else. Still, who can resist a good old-fashioned tabloid cover the morning after the (official) conclusion of a national political scandal? Today's winner is the New York Post, never one to be robbed of the opportunity to put a sexual pun on its, well, on its wood! (That's journal-ese for "front page headlines.") You can check out how the rest of the New York tabs handled the congressman's resignation after the jump.


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  • Here's our list of headlines that should be on your morning media menu:

    • The New York Times has panned Andrew Rossi's movie about the New York Times. (NYT)

    • Norah O'Donnell is moving from NBC to CBS, where she will be the network's chief White House correspondent. (Politico)

    • NPR is pushing a new digital initiative. (WSJ)

    • Facebook's iPad app is almost ready for its big debut. (NYT/Bits)

    • The kissing couple in the Vancouver hockey riot photo revealed? (BI/The Sports Page)

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  • tinaAP071202055936Brown is bananas: If there's one thing the world needs, it is another Tina Brown profile. This time she gets the Vogue treatment: "When she returns, she flops down on the banquette, fixes those steely blue eyes on mine, and says, 'This is some week.' Not that there is any other kind for Brown these days. As the newly installed editor in chief of [Newsweek], as well as the head of the two-year-old Web site the Daily Beast, she is lucky if she gets four hours of sleep a night. 'It's bananas,' says Brown." She sure does love her lingo.

    Another one bites the dust: Meredith has shuttered the popular DIY magazine ReadyMade and eliminated 75 jobs in the process. "Positioning Meredith for continued growth requires periodic realignment of resources, including how we deploy our workforce," Meredith Chairman-CEO Steve Lacy said in a statement to AdAge.  "These actions will enable us to devote additional resources to key strategic growth initiatives, including digital platform expansion."

    Vertical vertigo: Breaking! The Huffington Post is launching a new vertical. First the site gave us divorce. Then it gave us Canada. Now, get ready for Huff/Post 40, a site launching in August for the Baby Boomer set. Actress Rita Wilson has been tapped as editor-at-large. "Calling the site 'Huff/Post 40' was her idea," said Arianna Huffington in a statement. "Her belief that it's never too late to follow your dreams makes her the perfect godmother for Huff/Post 40 as it takes shape." "It's never too late to mix things up, change your life, to get to what you really should be doing--or want to be doing," Wilson added. Cue Mark Twain quote: "'Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.' I can't wait to get started." Next up? We hear the site is currently at work on launching a gay vertical.

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  • GM posts higher-than-expected profit on strong North American demand

    By Ben Klayman and Bernie Woodall DETROIT (Reuters) - General Motors Co on Thursday reported a higher-than-expected profit in the third quarter on strong demand for its redesigned full-size pickup trucks in North America. "Solid results really continue to be driven by strength in North America and China," GM Chief Financial Officer Chuck Stevens told reporters at the company's Detroit headquarters. "Clearly, high transaction prices - the new trucks and SUVs are more profitable than the ones they replace - that certainly helps," he added. Shares in the No. 1 U.S. automaker rose 1. ...

  • Nurse Amber Vinson free of Ebola virus, family says
    Nurse Amber Vinson free of Ebola virus, family says

    Barely a week after being diagnosed with Ebola, Texas nurse Amber Vinson is free of the deadly virus, her family said on Wednesday night.

  • Young girl narrowly avoids falling glass outside Ukraine stadium
    Young girl narrowly avoids falling glass outside Ukraine stadium

    A young girl narrowly escaped debris that fell from a stadium after an explosion in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, where pro-Russian forces have been battling Ukrainian government troops.

  • Ingenious new app is every math teacher’s nightmare come true
    Ingenious new app is every math teacher’s nightmare come true

    If your school doesn’t already collect your smartphones before you go to class, we’re certain that it will start doing so after seeing this new mobile app. Per Engadget, an app called PhotoMath is every math teacher’s worst nightmare come to life as it will solve equations for you just by using your smartphone’s camera. MORE GREAT APPS: This brilliant app will send you a photo of the person who stole your smartphone As you can see in the video posted below, the app uses your camera to scan the page for mathematical symbols and will then decipher the precise syntax of the problem it sees and then solve it. So far, the app can read basic arithmetic expressions, fractions, powers

  • Bizarre CGI Video Goes Viral
    Bizarre CGI Video Goes Viral

    An odd but impressive video popped up on Vimeo recently, and we can't stop watching it. It's a CGI (computer-generated imagery) rendering of a horizontally rotating column knocking over and pushing around what looks like humans. The video is titled "I've fallen, and I can't get up!" It was uploaded by Dave Fothergill, a visual-effects artist from the U.K. Why can't we take our eyes off this? Because it's almost hypnotic!

  • Charli XCX surprises at school homecoming dance
    Charli XCX surprises at school homecoming dance

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Singer Charli XCX took a break from touring Wednesday night to perform at an unlikely venue: a high school gymnasium.

  • Huge Magnetic 'Ropes' Drive Powerful Sun Explosions
    Huge Magnetic 'Ropes' Drive Powerful Sun Explosions

    Known as magnetic flux ropes, coronal loops and solar prominences, these structures possess spiraling magnetic field lines, as if a huge bar magnet had been twisted into a corkscrew. Scientists have long thought magnetic flux ropes drive powerful solar explosions such as coronal mass ejections (CMEs), which can spawn geomagnetic storms that damage satellites in space and disrupt power grids on Earth. Two models for how magnetic flux ropes are involved have emerged. In the first model, a magnetic flux rope exists before the eruption.

  • Dancing priests become Internet sensation
    Dancing priests become Internet sensation

    ROME (AP) — A video of a pair of dueling, dancing American priests studying in Rome has gone viral, following in the footsteps of a now-famous Italian nun whose Alicia Keys-esque voice won her a singing contest and a record contract.

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