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  • Alexander the Great-Era Tomb Will Soon Reveal Its Secrets
    Alexander the Great-Era Tomb Will Soon Reveal Its Secrets

    As archaeologists continue to clear dirt and stone slabs from the entrance of a huge tomb in Greece, excitement is building over what excavators may find inside. It has been quietly revealed over the last two years, during excavations at the Kasta Hill site in ancient Amphipolis in the Macedonian region of Greece. Earlier this month, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras toured the site. "The excavation will show if the tomb has been looted or not," Katerina Peristeri, the lead archaeologist on the Kasta Hill project, said in a statement from the Greek Ministry of Culture.

  • It looks like Apple’s iWatch may come with a painful compromise
    It looks like Apple’s iWatch may come with a painful compromise

    Despite the fact that the iWatch represents Apple’s first dive into an “exciting new product category” since it unleashed the original iPad back in 2010, the new device isn’t Apple’s most hotly anticipated launch this fall. In fact, it likely falls into the No. 3 spot behind the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone phablet. Consumers and investors alike are still waiting anxiously to see Apple’s take on wrist-worn wearables, but a new report suggests that the company may have been forced to forgo its typical no-compromise approach to mobile devices, and the result could be a big letdown for users. DisplaySearch analyst Charles Annis issued a note recently that explores some key issues surrounding Apple’s upcoming debut smartwatch. Considering the firm’s focus — displays

  • On Ukraine's 'other side' to the west, fears of familiar crisis brew in tiny Moldova
    On Ukraine's 'other side' to the west, fears of familiar crisis brew in tiny Moldova

    The world may not be ready for another crisis on Ukraine’s borders, but one may be brewing — this time on the west, in the obscure Moldovan province of Transnistria, occupying about 1,600 square miles between the Dniester River and the Ukrainian frontier.

  • CBS Is Being Sued Over NCIS's Bert the Farting Hippo
    CBS Is Being Sued Over NCIS's Bert the Farting Hippo

    CBS has found itself at the center of a lawsuit regarding "Bert the Farting Hippo," a recurring prop on NCIS, The Wrap reports. The company Folkmanis, Inc., which manufactured the original stuffed animal used as Bert, is suing CBS and affiliated companies, alleging that the network has been selling unlicensed Bert the Farting Hippo toys manufactured by a company in China, and ended its contract with Folkmanis as a result. The lawsuit, which was filed Monday, explains that Bert the Farting Hippo first appeared on NCIS in 2003, a year after Folkmanis started making the plush toys. The flatulent puppet, which belongs to Abby, became a fan favorite and has since made an appearance in more than a dozen NCIS episodes. Folkmanis stopped making the hippos in 2006, but began manufacturing a smaller version in 2009. The following year, CBS reached a deal with Folkmanis whereby the company would make a special version of the puppet that would include the farting sound effect and which CBS could sell to fans. More than 30,000 puppets were produced and sold, and Folkmanis eventually started making Bert the Farting Hippo keychains as well. Now, Folkmanis is suing Delivery Agent Inc. and S.F. Global Sourcing for copyright infringement, alleging that both companies reached out to China-based Shanghai Orlind Toy Co. to obtain unlicensed Bert toys. As a result, Folkmanis says, CBS stopped ordering from Folkmanis. The company is seeking $733,000 in lost profits. There's typically a whole host of Bert merchandise available in CBS's online store, including T-shirts, keychains, and a full-size costume in addition to the stuffed animals. However, as of Tuesday afternoon, all of the items had been removed. The network responded to the lawsuit with a tongue-in-cheek statement: "We believe this to be a flatulent abuse of the legal system, and we intend to clear the air on this matter immediately." As part of the lawsuit, Folkmanis is requesting that merchandise based on the impostor Bert the Farting Hippo be destroyed.


    DEAR ABBY: Five years ago, my husband got drunk and physically attacked me in front of his family. It was horrible. I was in shock, and our relationship never recovered. The next four years were a series of court visits for custody of our child and eventually a divorce. Last year, his mother began requesting visits with our son. I was happy about it because I have tried to be accommodating to my ex and his family regarding our son. Finally, late last year, I called my ex to ask if we could sit down and discuss our son (something we had never done). ...

  • Billy Crystal remembers Robin Williams at Emmys
    Billy Crystal remembers Robin Williams at Emmys

    Billy Crystal, left speechless by Robin Williams' death, paid tribute to his great friend and comedy brother at the Emmy Awards, movingly remembering him as "the greatest friend you could ever imagine."

  • Mega Buzz: Diaries' Changes, NCIS: LA's Throwdown and a Chicago Fire Accident
    Mega Buzz: Diaries' Changes, NCIS: LA's Throwdown and a Chicago Fire Accident

    Each week, executive editor Adam Bryant satisfies your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to Any scoop on The Vampire Diaries? —   Jessica You've probably already Season 6's first teaser, which features Stefan telling Elena to move on. Well, there's a reason their convo wasn't face-to-face. When the season begins, Stefan will definitely not be anywhere near Mystic Falls. In fact, he will have taken up a surprising new profession in his new "home." And while we're the topic of professions, Alaric also has a new job. Hey, newly resurrected vampires have rent to pay too! How long will Talia be sticking around on   NCIS: LA ? —   MarySorry, Densi 'shippers: It doesn't look like Talia (Mercedes Masohn) is going anywhere soon.... Read More > Other Links From NCIS Bryan Cranston Leslie Hope Daniel Sunjata Ana Gasteyer Aaron Korsh Shane Brennan Weird Al Chicago Fire (MLS) Breaking Bad Sons of Anarchy Stephanie Jacobsen The Vampire Diaries NCIS: Los Angeles Nashville The Mindy Project Graceland About a Boy The Goldbergs Outlander

  • Iceland prepares for "volcano from hell"
    Iceland prepares for "volcano from hell"

    Bardarbunga volcano was hit by a 5.7-magnitude earthquake Tuesday as scientists eye potential eruption

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