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  • Assange (AP)

    Julian Assange said he and his legal team are mulling their options after a British court ruled that the Wikileaks founder can be extradited to Sweden to face allegations of sex crimes.

    "We will be considering our next steps in the days ahead," Assange said outside the court after the ruling Wednesday. Assange's legal team has two weeks to decide whether to file papers to try to take the case to Britain's Supreme Court.

    Assange, at least for now, will remain in Britain. Under the terms of his bail, he is confined to a friend's country estate in southern England, the Associated Press reported.

    Assange, 40, has contended the Swedish rape charges are trumped up, part of an American-led conspiracy to persecute Wikileaks, his anti-secrecy group which has released tens of thousands of sensitive U.S. diplomatic cables. Wikileaks has recently stopped publishing new cables, citing financial difficulties.

    For more about latest in the Assange case, check out The Envoy.

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  • Chalian (Yahoo! News)

    David Chalian, currently the political editor at "PBS Newshour," will become the Washington bureau chief of Yahoo News later this month.

    The move is part of Yahoo's renewed focus on original content and political coverage of the 2012 presidential election. Chalian will start on Nov. 14 and report to Will Tacy, the executive editor of Yahoo News.

    "We intend to redefine how political campaigns are covered and deliver more of the investigative coverage our users demand," Tacy said.

    Chalian was hired as NewsHour's political editor in 2010, when the program won the Walter Cronkite Award for excellence in political journalism for its coverage of the midterm elections. He served as political director at ABC News between 2007 and 2010, winning an Emmy for his role in producing ABC's coverage of President Obama's inauguration.

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  • Williams (AP/Mark Duncan)

    The premiere of "Rock Center," Brian Williams' new newsmagazine, drew fewer viewers for NBC on Monday night than the debut of "The Playboy Club," the poorly rated show it replaced.

    Via New York magazine's Joe Adalian:

    The ridiculously informative and nearly fluff-free hour, which failed to catch even a single predator or exploit the memory of just one murder victim, was rewarded for its snobby high-mindedness with tune-in of 4.1 million viewers and a rating of 1.0 among BriWi groupies under 50. Ratings actually went down in the second half-hour, which featured an interview with Jon Stewart. Two caveats: It was Halloween, and younger viewers tend to spend this evening "smashing pumpkins," as the kids today call it. This is why Terra Nova, Two and a Half Men, and Dancing With the Stars all had season or series lows last night. Also, in a testament to how far NBC has fallen on Mondays, that 4.1 million figure is actually the Peacock's largest audience in the time slot since The Playboy Club debuted in September.

    Last week, Williams predicted that the show would "get crushed" in its debut.

    But executives at NBC, which has a three-year commitment for "Rock Center," don't appear to be worried. "I don't pretend to think that we're gonna move the needle in the ratings when we come out of the gate," NBC News president Steve Capus said during a conference call with reporters.

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