The Cutline

Billy Bragg’s anti-serenade to News Corp.

Joe Pompeo
The Cutline

We realize you may very well have tired by now of keeping track of every twist and turn in the fast-moving News Corp. phone-hacking scandal. (In the latest development, News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch said that reports claiming he may sell off his British newspaper assets are "Pure and total rubbish.")

So if you need a break from the headlines--or, conversely, if you haven't been following along and could use a quick explainer--allow lefty British folk-punk singer-songwriter Billy Bragg to serenade you with an earnest acoustic treatment of the saga. Sample lyric: "Someone's hiding in the bushes with a telephone or lens / While their editor assures them the means justify the ends."

You can enjoy Bragg's tune, "Never Buy the Sun," in the video above.

[Hat tip: Jack Shafer]

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