Cat Fancy’s creepy, fake Twitter feed gets a following

Cat Fancy, the magazine for cat lovers, doesn't have a Twitter feed. But it may want to get one now.

A group of Twitter users have claimed the @Cat_Fancy handle as the "Official Twitter Account of Cat Fancy Magazine," causing some confusion among their 4,300-plus followers with steady stream of satirical, sinister tweets.

Here's just a small sample:

[N]ew cat pope ushers in 1,000 year reign of hell on earth.

Cats ignoring shrill cries for help coming from the basement while enjoying wine spritzers at a Super Bowl party.

Joyous pile of cats at Burning Man.

How many kittens can u fit in your mouth?


"We have no affiliation with the real magazine whatsoever," Carey O'Donnell, a 22-year-old New Jersey native and recent college grad who operates the @Cat_Fancy feed with Mary Charlene (@IamEnidColeslaw) and a guy named Steve (@MaybeNotSteve), wrote in a Twitter message. "[Steve] started it originally just for fun (cats are creepy) then asked myself and [Charlene] to help out in December." (Unlike, say, Oprah, Twitter does not identify @Cat_Fancy as a "verified account," meaning it is, essentially, up to users to decide.)

Susan Logan, editor of the Irvine, Calif.-based Cat Fancy, told Yahoo News that she was unaware of the faux feed. "Oh no," Logan said.

Logan operates a personal Twitter feed, @CATeditor, that serves as the 200,000-circulation magazine's quasi-verified voice. ("Did a Doritos ad go too far when it suggested that a dog killed a cat?" Logan tweeted Tuesday afternoon, still analyzing the feline fallout from Sunday's Super Bowl ads.)

After having a chance to examine the @Cat_Fancy feed, Logan sent Yahoo News the following email:

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Dylan.

We appreciate the creativity people use in harnessing Twitter for satire and humor, but we cannot condone hijacking our trademark and undermining the trust our readers have in us for good, solid advice.


Susan Logan
Editor, CAT FANCY,, Cats USA, Kittens USA

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