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Egyptian VP criticizes ‘unfriendly TV stations’

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Egyptian VP calls out satellite networks


New Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman didn't mention Al Jazeera by name, but he suggested that the Mubarak government isn't a fan of the Qatar-based network.

"I blame some sister countries that have unfriendly TV stations, which incite youth against us," Suleiman said in an Egyptian state television interview.

Egypt's authoritarian regime shut down Al Jazeera's Cairo bureau on Sunday and has been targeting the network's journalists following days of critical coverage. In the interview, Suleiman didn't criticize western journalists, many of whom have been attacked by pro-Mubarak mobs and arrested by police over the past 24 hours.

(Screengrab from Suleiman interview on Feb. 3, 2011, in Cairo. Egypt State TV/APTN:AP)

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